Best Hookup Bars in Philadelphia

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Looking for a Philly Fling? First you must know which spots are the hottest. Here is a list of must see places for singles ready to mingle.

The Republican: It may be dirty, but they have strippers! Sometimes, it’s all about just getting a look! ;)

Tavern on Broad: Their wristband happy hour is all the rage. You might not necessarily see really hot guys or girls, but you’ll get cheap drinks and let’s be honest here…the more alcohol in your system, the more attractive people start to become.

Finnigan’s Wake: $1.50 Yuengling drafts and ladies…we hear rumors of an ALL MALE STRIP SHOW!

Fat Tuesday’s: Just like Wet Willie’s, they have alcoholic slushies. Start a convo while acquiring a brain freeze.

There are also a few honorable mention bars as well: Continental Midtown,
Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant, Prohibition Taproom, Pub on Passyunk East, Time Restaurant, Whiskey Bar and Taproom.

So, whether you are “West Philadelphia born and raised” or just visiting for a couple of days, be sure to check out some of the bars on this list. Who knows, your Philly fling could turn out to actually be a Philly REAL THING!

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2 Responses to “Best Hookup Bars in Philadelphia”

  1. The best way to power load at a happy hour for my money is in Old City at what used to be called the Khyber Pass Pub. You know where it is there, across the street from the new Irish place just north of Chesntut on the west side of the street. They have a 2 dollar pint there that doesn’t sound like a deal until you see what they are pouring. The best Philly craft brews. Sometimes you get a 6 % er there. They had this lovely green beer made out of Juniper Berries on time. How sweet it is. The angle here is that the bartenders are switching at 5 o’clock. The dude or dudette working the day shift is aching to get home but if you tip for the first beer and chug it and tip again for the second, miracles are known to happen.
    Remember, TIPS used to mean “To Insure Prompt Service” and were given in ADVANCE. This is still the move for crowded bars. Tip early, tip often. Fill your heart with gratitude and sometimes miracles happen, trust me. Anyway, Part two of this is to order the “city wide special” at about 4:45 which is a shot and a beer. And sit near the sink if possible. When the new bartender comes on you buy a drink for your buddy and he buys one for you. You will now have one full shot glass in front of you and one upside down one. See, the city wide special buys you a shot and a beer from the first guy for 5 bucks and the shot glass when properly deployed can be another free beer to go with the one the departing bartender handed you early when the miracle happened.
    If you sit by the sink you can often grab your dirty shot glass back from the barback when he is starting his shift at five also and cleaning up a shit ton of glasses.
    Anyway if you manage to get out of there without being busted, and you are somehow still not bombed, (still thirsty?) they have second happy hour on Chestnut from 6-8 at Buffalo Billiards, also featuring delicious micro brews at steep discounts.

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