Why Alcohol-Infused Fruit Will Be Your New Summer Go To

by / Sunday, 31 May 2020 / Published in Cocktails & Recipes

You may have seen alcohol-infused fruit recipes floating around the internet and wondered what all the hype was about. Well, they’re easy enough to make and work as the perfect summer staple. You can infuse almost any fruit with any alcohol by letting it soak in the fridge for a few hours. Many of these treats are perfect for relaxing poolside or soaking up the sun on the beach. Think about all the alcohol content of a shot but delivered via the sweetness of your favorite fruit. Here are some infusion ideas and recipes to try out this summer.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Use strawberries soaked in champagne to rethink your favorite dessert. Dip the alcohol-infused berries in chocolate for a yummy albeit slightly messy treat. This works perfectly with other berries as well, try experimenting with raspberries or soaking your fruit in vodka to mix it up. 

Fruit Salad Kabobs

Choose the liquor of your choice typically either tequila, vodka, or rum. Slice up a combination of your favorite fresh fruits such as watermelon, mango, pineapple, and strawberries. You may also want to add blueberries for a bit of color. Let the fruit soak in the alcohol for approximately two to three hours. Though you can let them soak longer, the fruit may begin to shrivel a bit and will not work as well for a kabob. Skewer the now-boozy fruit, and serve. 

Summer Sangria Pops

Mix up your favorite sangria recipe ie white wine and some fruit juice. Then chop up and add some fresh fruit. Pour into a popsicle mold, and let sit overnight. The next day you’ll have an alcoholic version of a refreshing frozen pop.

Pina Colada Bites

Let your pineapple soak in rum for at least three hours. Note, pineapple does not become mushy or discolored as quickly as other fruits, so you can let it soak a bit longer. Dip in a cream cheese fruit dip (or make your own version), then roll in sweetened coconut flakes. For an alternate version serve the rum-infused pineapple over vanilla ice cream and top with coconut flakes.  

 Try experimenting with your favorite fruits and alcohol to see what combos you can come up with. Whether you’re adding alcohol-infused berries to your favorite summer cocktail or simply enjoying them as a boozy fruit kabob, infusing fruit can take your day drinking to a new level.


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