Top 5 Movies to Watch Drunk

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Movies are an excellent way to be entertained. There are so many genres to choose from: comedy to thriller, horror to romance. But while there are many different genres, often we find ourselves needing something else to make the movie worth while. This could be a buddy going with us to see it, a huge tub of popcorn with extra butter, or in some cases, the perfect drink to sip while watching the show. With that said, sometimes getting drunk makes a movie all the better! In fact, some movies seem as though they were made to view while intoxicated. Below is a list of the top 5 movies you must see while inebriated.

1. Beerfest — Aside from the title, this is the perfect movie to not only watch while drunk, but drink while watching. This is a classic in drinking movies that features lots of chugging and is perfect for a good beer night. (Think of Fight Club with drinking.)

2. Animal House — This movie is a little dated, but nothing can top John Belushi’s famous scene where he chugs Jack Daniels. This movie is the epitome of an epic college toga party.

3. Superbad — For the newer school drinkers, this is the perfect film. It essentially chronicles the life of today’s teens and twenty somethings: a group of friends trying to get booze when they are underage and also trying to get laid. A few drinks in and your new anthem will most certainly be “I AM MCLOVIN!”

4. Anchorman — Wildly inappropriate one-liners that you can’t help but quote make this the ultimate movie to watch drunk. Will Ferrell might just top the list of actors to view when drinking, anyway.

5. Friday — Another comedy from back in the day. Although the plot goes almost nowhere, it is beyond hilarious and the comedy is only amplified when drunk. It will quickly become your favorite drunken movie. Seriously.

What should you do when you finish this list? I suggest also watching some classic Disney cartoon movies. It sounds silly, but think about it: you know you secretly LOVE all of the songs and the colorful characters. And when drunk, you’ll be belting out the songs reliving your inner childhood. On the other side, you could also watch some of the older horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Your drunken state will allow you to see how bad the movie is and even have you chuckling about the ridiculousness of the people who get caught. Grab a beer, grab a buddy, and grab a movie!

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  1. Mark says : Reply

    what about supertroopers?!

    Do you hear me meow!? Do I look like a cat to you MEOW? Am I all nimbly bimbly? Meow!?


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