Tequila, lime, and salt

Miracle berries, formally known as Synsepalum dulcificum, are a naturally grown plant that have the odd effect of making sour foods taste sweet. You may have seen the trend of trying miracle berries circling TikTok recently or before that on YouTube. The list of items to try with the berries typically includes food such as


Outer Banks has quickly become one of Netflix’s hottest new summer shows. Set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the show introduces viewers to an island divided into Kooks and Pogues. Kooks are the spoiled rich kids enjoying the luxuries of their parents wealth and mansions, and Pogues are the working class trying to


There is no doubt that Zoom meetings leave us all on our worst behavior: only dressed from the waist down, distractedly texting or social media scrolling, or casually drinking in the middle of the day. Though drinking during a WFH session or a class might not be the most appropriate thing, it can certainly make

drink cart with alcohol bottles

While some states have begun lifting stay at home restrictions, many of us are still wary of going out to a crowded bar. Drinking at home is always a good option, and at the moment might feel a bit safer. If you’re simply trying to stay home a little longer or you’ve just been looking

row of empty beer bottles and pile of caps on wood counter

Did you ever have a wine bottle so pretty you just couldn’t bear to throw it away? Or maybe, your recycling is already overflowing, leaving you with a temporary excess of empty alcohol bottles. Here are some easy eco-friendly and budget-friendly DIYS to repurpose your old alcohol bottles and keep you busy if you’re bored

photo of cheers with tequila shots

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine, many of us are turning to virtual parties as a way to hang out with our friends. Hanging out online may even be easier than hanging out in person was because there’s no requirement to get dressed up (at least from the shoulders down), and you can

bartender pouring different types of drinks

Picture this: you turn 21 and happily present your now-legal ID for your first drink order, the bartender asks “what can I get you?” and you freeze. Whether you’re freshly 21 or you’ve been drinking for years, trying to figure out what type of drink to order that you will actually enjoy drinking can be

Drinking Alone: Whys and Why Nots

Wednesday, 29 April 2020 by
woman drinking alone in white robe gazing out the window

As quarantine finds many of us trapped in our houses alone, there’s an urge to spend the time increasing our alcohol consumption. Whether it’s an attempt to cope with the emotional trauma of the ongoing global pandemic or just continuing your routine as normal, chances are you’re drinking and you’re probably drinking alone. Before quarantine,

Creativity on Tap

Saturday, 18 April 2020 by

Appointed by the people who drink it, alcohol has amassed an incredible array of nicknames since its creation and throughout its evolution. Most of us understand the effects it has on us, from how it makes us act to how it makes us feel. But there’s another category which alcohol ties itself in, one which

Before Drunk Texting Your Ex…

Friday, 17 April 2020 by

Relationships are complicated. Breakups suck. Talking to an ex is comparable to taking the SAT; nobody enjoys it and it’s near impossible to get everything right. Talking to your ex when you’re drunk is also like taking the SAT, but you’re drunk; it might not seem like you’re doing such a bad job, but things

Reminiscing of Revelry

Thursday, 16 April 2020 by

Revelry – people celebrating or enjoying themselves in a lively, and noisy way, especially by singing, dancing, and drinking alcohol. With news of this novelty virus spreading its domain, it looks like we’ll be cooped up longer than most of us had imagined. We’re spending less time with each other and more time in our

Truth Serum

Thursday, 09 April 2020 by

In vino veritas! As the Latin say – there is truth in wine. Ever notice how often people tend to “spill the beans” under the influence of alcohol? How about those words you’ve desperately wanted to say which suddenly find it easier to escape your mouth? There seems to be a common theme: Alcohol comes

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