Alcohol may be the life of the party, but it can also clean up the party once it’s over. We bet you’ve never heard of these 5 ways that alcohol can clean your home, but it’s all natural right?     #1 Clean mirrors- There’s a reason vodka is so crystal clear. Now you can


We may have all made those fantastic resolutions to eat better, but with  Valentines day right around the  corner, there’s something else on all of our minds: chocolate. Drinking chocolate however could mean less calories for youat dinner time. Try any of these four drinks below and we’re sure you won’t miss the real thing. Chocolate


I If you’re feeling like the typical box of chocolates and roses is a bit outdated for Valentine’s Day this year, you are correct. However chocolate is still the way to a woman’s (or anyone’s) heart. Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day by not only making a romantic meal, but making one laced with chocolate.   Chocolate


Even if you’re short on time, your Valentine’s Day gift can still be thoughtful. Now don’t just rush to your local flower shop and call it good. Gone are the days of roses and chocolates. This day and age, you’re better off with a bottle of wine and stargazing on the rooftop- because ditch the


Make this SuperBowl epic and serve the most epic cocktails. Beer and potato chips is a classic, but if you want it to be an event your guests remember; try these monumental cocktails instead.   The Beergarita Sound like the best of both worlds? That’s because it is. Ease your guests into the ‘gameday’ world

Habits of Happy, Healthy Couples

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If there really was a secret to love, wouldn’t we share it? No love is created equally, but there are certain things that all happy, healthy couples do. Often times we are reminded of these helpful habits, but we forget when they are used best. Beyond the dates, beyond dinner, beyond drinks st the bar, how do


Skip the hustle and bustle, the crowds and the cramped tables; keep the romantic lighting, sultry music, and sweet drinks, this Valentine’s Day. With our top 7 Valentine’s Cocktails you can be your own bartender and ‘wow’ your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.   1. Lady in Red Meant for your lady in any color, this


First impressions don’t stop at the mirror. If you were hoping to impress your date by the outfit you chose, you should also consider how to impress them with your drink order. It could mean the difference between a second date or not? 1. Gin and Tonic If you’ve never had one before, chances are you’ve

Fresh Start: Tidy-up in 2019

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  Cleaning may not have been one of your New Years’s Resolutions, but it should be. A clean home is more than just tidy; a clean home is happy, healthy, and one of the main factors in living stress-free. If you wanted change in 2019, if you wanted a new you, if you wanted to


If there’s one person that likes you at the office, shouldn’t it be your boss? Chances are at some point in your professional career you will be invited to dinner with your boss. While we could speculate what the invitation means: are you getting a promotion? Fired? A pay raise? this is not that kind of


Believe it or not, more people will be spending New Year’s Eve from the comfort of their own home than you think. Gone are the days of glamorous, over the top, rooftop parties. It’s warmer indoors, Rockin’ New Year’s Eve looks just as great on television, and let’s not talk about the traffic. If you


Everyone always gives you advice on how to reach your New Year’s Resolutions, but what happens when you achieve them? You worked hard. You deserve to celebrate. So don’t let one more thing stand in your way. Make those New Year’s Resolutions a reality, and give yourself yet another reason to celebrate.   Relax We