Alcohol Christmas Gift Guide

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It’s never too late to get the perfect gift for all the special people in your life; and by special we mean Great Uncle Jim, the college kid, dad, and more. Each one of these ‘special’ people has a unique role in your life, and more importantly, a unique relationship with alcohol. Get them something

Health Benefits of Whiskey

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Whiskey is becoming an increasingly popular drink, not only in 2019 alone, but especially during the holiday season. There’s nothing new about it. Whiskey has been the same for decades, and yet new generations continue to find it more and more appealing? Perhaps it’s due to its many surprising health benefits, so that while drinking


Ugly Christmas sweaters are cute right? But ugly Christmas drinks are not. Nonetheless, if they’re ugly, they should be paired together. So don’t let your guests go thirsty this year, and serve them the best worst cocktails that go great— er bad with those sweaters. 1. Snowballs There’s a very good reason these are first

Ways to Give Back This Winter

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Apart from all the gifts, presents, wrappings, and bows, the best thing you can spread this holiday season is cheer. Giving back to others during the holidays is more fulfilling than anything that you can find under the tree. While there are ways to do good deeds all year round, people are even more likely

The Newest Drinking Trends of 2020

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If nothing else, let 2020 be the year of new ways to enjoy an old thing: alcohol. Alcohol has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it has to lose its flare as time goes on. In fact, the industry strives to create new, fun twists on classic liquors and adult beverages, so that


If you want to avoid being as tacky as that one cousin who always gets drunk on Christmas, but still enjoy a few drinks during the holidays, all you have to do is follow the Christmas etiquette. The Christmas drinking etiquette. These are the unspoken rules that most people don’t know until they ask the


Around the globe, people spread Christmas cheer in their own unique way, but you can be sure of one thing— there’s almost always a drink in hand. Drinking and the holidays go together like milk and cookies, no matter where you are in the world. All over the world however, they just do it a


2020- the year that’s so great you have to say it twice. Every New Year’s deserves a little extra something special, but make this year the greatest celebration of all. That’s why you should celebrate with a full 12 hours of friendly fun, and plenty of drinks. This drinking game will ensure that there’s no


You do it every year, make a New Year’s Resolution. We can all raise our glasses to that. Make this year different, raise the right kind of glass by creating a cocktail that compliments your newest ambitions. If your Resolution is to…. Exercise more/ Lose weight Probably the number one most common Resolution ever, so

25 Days of Wine

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As if you needed more reasons to enjoy a drink this holiday season, we’ve got 12. Do you remember those advent calendars you loved as a child? Well they’re not just for children anymore. Celebrate the holidays with an advent calendar of, you guessed it, wine. Wine advent calendars make the perfect gift for friends,


There’s one thing you can’t count on with the holidays: Hallmark Holiday Movies. There’s no need to hide it, we know you’ve scanned over to the channel more than once. This is because Hallmark holiday movies are an instant classic. Sure maybe they’re slightly predictable, and a little cheesy, but predictable and cheesy means one

Tips for the perfect turkey

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Take the opportunity to outdo yourself this Thanksgiving. On this day, the turkey isn’t just a turkey; it’s the main attraction. The problem is, after countless Thanksgiving of the turkey being cooked exactly the same, how attractive is it really? This year, its time to change it up. Create a turkey unlike any other by