Most of us that start drinking want to continue drinking. The problem is what you eat before you start drinking can have a big impact on the fate of your night. Eat the right foods and they can control your hunger, keep you hydrated, and overall decrease some of the affects of alcohol, so you


  Theres only one place we all want to be for the summer- the beach. But when you’re tied to your office chair instead of toes in the sand, it can be difficult to get there. Fortunately, we have just the remedy for you to help you wash all your troubles away. If you want to


Our best days are ahead of you, but you should always live in the present right? Nowadays it seems that unless you’re married with kids working a 9-5, you haven’t really ‘made it’ yet, but we’ve got something to say about that. Surely your time will come, you’ll meet the right person and settle down,

If you’re not spending summer at the ballpark, is it even summer at all? Also it doesn’t take a genius to know that beers and baseball go hand in hand- literally you should have a beer in your hand. And of course going to the stadium is no rough life either. That’s why some of


Ah pineapple, the other taste of summer. Or for some, the only taste of summer. These prickly fruits truly make their mark in the summer, and while a pina colada is standard, there are countless other things you should be making with pineapple if you’re a pineapple enthusiast. If you’re not, perhaps you haven’t found


It’s that time of year again; with the sun’s temperatures blazing, you should definitely have some water in your hand at all times. And this only becomes even more important if you are also consuming alcohol. Truthfully, although they are almost complete opposites, water and alcohol are best friends, by working together for your body.


The only person on the planet that’s harder to shop for than your mom, is of course, Dad. There’s a reason you’re reading this now, a month in advance, because you don’t want to be scrambling at the last second to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. We all know he has every personalized mug

  Even if its not Mother’s Day, every mom deserves a mom’s night out; ideally once a week, but we know that’s asking a lot. If not once a week, we still believe that moms everywhere should always make a little extra time for themselves. If you’re a mom, make sure you dress up and


    You love your mom. Your mom loves alcohol- and you of course. That’s why this Mother’s Day is the perfect way to give her the best of both worlds. So skip the gifts and share a drink with your mom this Mother’s Day. We promise you’re sure to make more meaningful memories together


By any space, we mean small space. A mini bar / wet bar, whatever name you want to call it might be on everyone’s mind in their dream home, but in their tiny apartment, it may seem next to impossible. We’re here to reassure you its not. Whether you’ve just purchased your new place or


Just because your drink is a flop, doesn’t mean your bartender is. We’ve all been there; ordered a drink we expect is going to taste one way, only to approach the bartender and ask for a completely new drink. Whether its their first day on the job or their millionth, drink mishaps are bound to


  If you’ve finished too many alcohol bottle to count in your time, there’s a better way to upcycle the things that served you liquid deliciousness. In a world where DIY’s and crafts are everything, finally here’s a few crafts that you can actually appreciate. Starting with #1, our favorite. 1. Daily use glasses What better