Not all wine is created equal. Some, like white wine, stand above the rest. Few people know that white wine actually has several health benefits. As if you needed more reasons to drink wine, continue reading and now you will. It protects your heart Don’t let red wine take all the glory, new studies show

Tips for drinking on an airplane

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  Sure, you’ve been on an airplane, but have you ever really flown the right way? By this we mean, with a drink in hand, forgetting about all your worries on the land beneath you. If not, perhaps it’s because you’ve never really considered drinking on an airplane, maybe you don’t know how. There is

Bikini Friendly Cocktails

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  The question is: how do you stay looking bikini ready, but drink like you’re on spring break? The answer: bikini friendly cocktails. Drinks that work for you, not against your calories. We all know that wine keeps you pretty much in the clear, clear liquors are just as empty in calories, beer is not


Spring break might be just around the corner, but you’ve already got your mind set on summer vacation. There’s nothing longer, nothing more agonizing than the short, but excruciatingly long time between spring break and summer break. Once you come back from spring break with your fresh new tan, and your head filled with memories,


Ditch the winter coats, cinnamon, and dark whiskey. Spring is almost sprung and your cocktail should be just as fresh and fragrant as the blossoming trees outside. If you’re in need of a little Spring pick-me-up and want to reap all the benefits of this beautiful season, try adding some floral accents to your cocktail.


We’ve all heard the saying: liquor before beer, you’re in the clear; but beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker. Some pairs in life are just not meant to be. Just like this dramatic duo, beer before liquor; know when to tell the signs of a toxic relationship. And it just might save your sanity.


      Many people do not know that St. Patrick’s Day is actually feast day of St. Patrick. So that means, you’re supposed to fill your glass and celebrate! Get into the holiday spirit this St. Patrick’s Day by trying one of these Irish Creme cocktails for your St. Paddy’s Day Fix! 1. Irish


Privacy is a privilege, not a right. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives; shared a space with someone else, a roommate. Sure, roommates are great- you split the rent, you split the bills, you have a built-in partymate, but no one wants to split their food. Maybe you’re the rare roommates


Don’t let a small space discourage you from throwing a big party. Some see close quarters, others see a great conversation in the making. A small space doesn’t mean invite less guests, it means invite a ton of guests and expect better conversations, closer relationships, and a way bigger dance floor. The key to throwing an


Everyone knows about drunken gummy bears, but we’re taking it up a notch. We’re not talking about your average college party where vodka-soaked gummy treats give you even more of a kick than regular alcohol does; no, we’re talking about an array of foods you never knew could be soaked in alcohol to expand your


  The last thing a  bride and groom (especially the bride) wants to do on their big day is worry about the guests. If you thought being the bride is hard, being a guest is even harder. There is etiquette on everything from the attire you wear to the meal you choose, and of course

How to host a paint and wine party

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Paint and wine boutiques are popping up by the dozen these days, and while they do make for an excellent evening with friends, the cost can be less than excellent. A few supplies, a few bottles of wine, and an easy how-to painting is all it takes, but when you go to a creative shop, you