The best way to drink alone at a bar

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to have a date.

All it takes is knowing how to pull off the single look, in style. Specifically how to drink at the bar alone and look good doing it.

Theres something sophisticated if you do it the right way, and here’s exactly how:


Go in with a plan

There is nothing wrong with drinking alone, if you do so confidently, so go in with a plan. If you’re there to just enjoy a good drink, sit in a cozy corner somewhere and bring a book or magazine. If you’re wanting to meet someone however, sit in the middle of the bar. That way, you’re noticeable. You can talk with others and others can approach that suave individual at the bar.

Avoid peak hours

If you’re for sure not trying to meet anyone, don’t go during the busiest time at the bar. There just won’t be enough space to relax and enjoy.

Talk, but don’t over chat

If you’re drinking alone and just enjoying yourself at the bar, chit chat with the bartender for a little sense of normalcy. As it starts to get crowded however, don’t over-chat with the obviously busy bartender, and watch for social cues of patrons who don’t feel like talking.

Don’t just sit on your phone

Using your device while drinking alone actually calls more attention to your ‘aloneness’. It also prevents new faces from talking to you, in case you happen to meet that special someone. So try not to use your device, if you’re trying to make sitting alone seem ‘cool’. Just because you’re sitting alone you might still be able to socialize as long as you’re not on your device.

Be a regular

If you’re a regular at a bar, you practically own a table there, and no one can judge you. Make a habit of drinking alone and it will become stylish before you know it. After that, the bartender can become your wingman/ woman.





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