Why You Have to Try Tequila and Miracle Berries

by / Monday, 17 August 2020 / Published in Random Ravings
Tequila, lime, and salt

Miracle berries, formally known as Synsepalum dulcificum, are a naturally grown plant that have the odd effect of making sour foods taste sweet. You may have seen the trend of trying miracle berries circling TikTok recently or before that on YouTube. The list of items to try with the berries typically includes food such as lemons, salt and vinegar chips, and tomatoes. But, the berries also offer the opportunity to enjoy your favorite alcohol in a new way. For example, you have to try tequila and miracle berries.

So how exactly do these “miracle berries” work? The berry coats your taste buds and affects the receptors that typically allow you to taste sour and bitter. It essentially requires your taste buds to view acids as sugar. This makes everything you consume automatically taste much sweeter than it normally would. The aforementioned tequila, maintains its potency, while losing the bitter taste, and the lime tastes sweet as candy.

Another notable alcohol to try while under the influence of berries is Guinness or any chocolate stout. These beers will suddenly taste like a chocolate milkshake once separated from their bitter bite. If you’re not normally a beer drinker, you’ll be surprised as any beer goes down like juice.

You may even consider making miracle berries a part of your party routine. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about chasers or mixed drinks again? Some even report health benefits of mixing the berry into your diet, it’s much easier to eat healthy when everything tastes sweeter. After all isn’t part of the appeal of a hard seltzer the low calorie promise.

Even if miracle berries don’t become a regular element of your diet,  they’re best enjoyed with a few friends for a tasting party. If they’ve never heard of the trend before even better. Gather a variety of liquors and beers, and take turns trying before and after the berry. Watch as after consuming the miracle berries suddenly every shot goes down easy. Then, keep pouring.


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