The best drinks for rest and relaxation

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Even though the holidays are done and over, it’s likely you’re still feeling stressed and anxious. A new year means new changes, so you have every right to be stressed.

The key is: don’t let stress drag you down. Consider ways to unwind and relax after a long day. One of our favorite ways is by doing what you already love: having a sip or two.

These are the best drinks to have for rest and relaxation, with scientifically good reason too.

Light vs. dark


When you’re feeling down or stressed choose light colored or transparent liquors such as vodka, tequila, or rum. Even light colored wines. On the other hand, avoid dark spirits such as whiskey, bourbon, or brandy. Scientific studies show that these darker spirits just leave you feeling rougher and more sluggish the next day.

Avoid gin


While it may be clear, do your best to avoid drinking gin if you’re already anxious. Gin is known to make you cry because it invokes negative emotions—more than you likely even started with.

The lower the sugar, the better


While sugar might seem like a quick pick-me-up on the days that you’re feeling low, the end result is not worth it. If you want to rest, don’t drink alcohol and mixed drinks with too much sugar. You’ll end up feeling jittery and more anxious than before.

Reach for a Spritzer instead


White wine is an acceptable way to unwind, but if you reach for a white wine spritzer instead, you’ll actually consume half the alcohol content, therefore you can drink a few more and still feel better at the end of the day.

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