Movies to drink by for the holiday season

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There’s one thing you can’t count on with the holidays: Hallmark Holiday Movies.

There’s no need to hide it, we know you’ve scanned over to the channel more than once. This is because Hallmark holiday movies are an instant classic.

Sure maybe they’re slightly predictable, and a little cheesy, but predictable and cheesy means one thing: drinking games.


For the best sips and laughs this holiday, invite some friends over, turn on the Hallmark channel, and tip your glass to this:

• If the lead female character’s name is Joy, Noel, Holly, or Eve- take a sip.
• If their last name is Claus or Kringle- take two sips.
• If the story takes place in New York or Los Angeles- take a sip.
• If the main character is heading back to their hometown for work- take two sips.
• If there’s basically a grinch aka a boss who ‘hates the holidays’- take a sip.
• If the lead character reminisces on how they used to love the holidays.
• If someone shops for a tree take a sip; take two if they decorate it.
• If someone attends a Christmas show, play, or concert- take a sip.
• If the two main characters fight, indicating they will likely fall for each other in the end- take a sip.
• If the couple almost kisses- take a sip; if they actually kiss, take a shot.
• If Santa is disguised as an everyday person- take a sip.
• If the main character reconnects with an old spouse- take a sip; finish the drink if they leave their current spouse for said romance.


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