The Unspoken Rules of Drinking on Christmas

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If you want to avoid being as tacky as that one cousin who always gets drunk on Christmas, but still enjoy a few drinks during the holidays, all you have to do is follow the Christmas etiquette.

The Christmas drinking etiquette.

These are the unspoken rules that most people don’t know until they ask the question: should I be drinking on Christmas?

The answer is: yes, you absolutely should be.just be sure to follow these rules to keep it classy.

1. Avoid shots

Shots are for drunken college parties and nights out with friends; not for Christmas. Let’s clarify— Christmas party with friends, those holiday Jell-O shots are acceptable, but not the actual holiday itself. As a rule of thumb, any time you might be sitting next to your great grandmother and toddler cousin at the same time, should not be the time for a shot.


2. Drink beer

If there’s one thing you can drink on Christmas, it’s beer. Beer is the safe drink. It’s the social drink. Everyone likely has one in their hand, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. It’s easy to drink and you can usually have a few before you feel anything. So after the gifts have been unwrapped, feel free to unwrap yourself a bottle.

3. Sit, don’t stand

Standing is for bars. Since Christmas is likely being hosted at a family members house, surely there are plenty of places to sit. On Christmas, you should always sit while drinking. It’s cozy, it’s more comfortable, and it keeps you from getting drunk faster. If you stand and have no where to put down your drink, you’ll likely drink it faster and keep drinking. If you sit and place your drink down, you can sip while still sharing stories and making intimate memories with your family on Christmas.


4. Water it down

Then again, Christmas is no different than any other drinking occasion. If you don’t want to get drunk, take all the necessary steps needed not to get drunk. Like the most important rule: drink water, often and plenty of it.


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