Before Drunk Texting Your Ex…

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Relationships are complicated. Breakups suck. Talking to an ex is comparable to taking the SAT; nobody enjoys it and it’s near impossible to get everything right. Talking to your ex when you’re drunk is also like taking the SAT, but you’re drunk; it might not seem like you’re doing such a bad job, but things are probably just getting worse. We’ve all been there before, but there’s no need to go back again!



Here are 10 things to consider – after the alcohol, and before the “send”.

    • Remember what happened last time you did this? You’re going to do that again?!
    • “We were drunk, it’s different.” You’re going to endure another headache just to hear that again?!
    • If you mean it, if you really need to speak your peace, why can’t this wait until the morning? If it needs to be said, why does it need to be said now?    It doesn’t.
    • How many times have you woken up and said, “I’m so happy I sent that last night at 2 AM!” Yea, me neither.
    • Text your best friend who knows all the details of this heartbreak and tell them what you’re about to text…while you’re drunk…to your ex. Your ex is enough of a damper, you don’t need your best friend to be mad at you as well.
    • Antibiotics might not work when combined with alcohol. Texting your ex also doesn’t work when combined with alcohol.
    • Realizing people aren’t meant for you, and not resenting them for it.  Growth.” @mantramagazine
    • OK – fine, send it! But first, let me show you the only two outcomes; bad, worse.
    • You know that scab that’s almost healed, but you pick anyways to see if it will bleed? It always does. Let it heal already!
    • Write the text in the notes of your phone. Go to sleep. Wake up. Read it.  Notice I didn’t say send it? Notice how good you feel this morning?


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