Drinking Alone: Whys and Why Nots

by / Wednesday, 29 April 2020 / Published in Random Ravings
woman drinking alone in white robe gazing out the window

As quarantine finds many of us trapped in our houses alone, there’s an urge to spend the time increasing our alcohol consumption. Whether it’s an attempt to cope with the emotional trauma of the ongoing global pandemic or just continuing your routine as normal, chances are you’re drinking and you’re probably drinking alone. Before quarantine, many of us might not have given much thought to drinking alone as it’s primarily a social activity. But now, when you’re alone in your room cracking open a cold one, you might be wondering, is this normal?


If you’re drinking alone during quarantine, try to monitor your consumption to some degree. Think consciously about how often you’re drinking, how much you’re drinking, and most importantly why you’re drinking. While you don’t have to go out and make a habit tracker (though it’s not necessarily a bad idea), keep in mind how many times a week you normally drink and try not to increase the consumption too much. Be careful not to fall into a pattern of drinking to deal with your emotions, and instead use drinking in moderation as a fun quarantine activity.


If you typically have wine or beer with dinner, there’s nothing wrong with continuing the habit. In fact, you may suddenly have the free time to research what foods pair well with what drinks. Some of these pairs may surprise and excite you. For example, we all love wine and chocolate, but did you know that champagne pairs perfectly with fried chicken? Step up your KFC takeout, by popping open a bottle of bubbly.


 You can also use the time to try out some of your bartending skills. Watch YouTube videos, and try out drinks you might not have even heard of. Now is finally the time to attempt all those fancy drinks on your Pinterest boards. Break out the shakers and the fancy cups and try out your best “box.” If you’re feeling really ambitious, there are even online classes that offer a virtual bartender certification. Plus, when this is all over you’ll be happy to have some more recipes in your repertoire to impress your friends.


Don’t feel like just because you’re home alone that you’re all alone. Your friends are still there just a FaceTime or a video call away. Organize virtual hangouts and parties. Take shots over Snapchat. Keep drinking with your friends on the other side of the screen, just like you normally would on a Friday night. Even though it’s Tuesday!

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