Five DIY Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Alcohol Bottles

by / Wednesday, 20 May 2020 / Published in Drinking DIY, Random Ravings
row of empty beer bottles and pile of caps on wood counter

Did you ever have a wine bottle so pretty you just couldn’t bear to throw it away? Or maybe, your recycling is already overflowing, leaving you with a temporary excess of empty alcohol bottles. Here are some easy eco-friendly and budget-friendly DIYS to repurpose your old alcohol bottles and keep you busy if you’re bored at home.

1. Candles:

The most difficult part of candle making in your old bottles involves cutting the glass. For best results use a glass scorer, followed by treating the bottle with rapid heat and cold. Once you’ve broken the glass, sand the edges, and you’ll have the perfect container to make a new candle. All you need is a wick, wax, and fragrance oil. 

2. Floral Arrangement:

Wine bottles, beer bottles, or even hard liquor handles can make an adorable vase for flowers. You might consider painting the bottles or tying some ribbon around the neck to create a more finished look.  Add, some pebbles, soil, and seeds and you can even grow your own flowers in the bottle.

3. Lighting:

This option is less of a project and more of a simple display solution. Use your favorite old bottles filled with string lights to create a unique centerpiece. This can be a really pretty outdoor decor option as well. You can use battery-operated fairy lights in a few wine bottles to light up a porch or patio for a nighttime kickback. For a slightly different take, you can also try repurposing an old handle into the base of a lamp.

4. Savings Funds:

An old bottle can be a perfect budget piggy bank. Depending on the size of the bottle, you can choose to save a little or a lot. Throw your loose change in the bottle or maybe even some cash, and when you’re ready to spend it, smash it open. You can get creative by choosing to save for a specific goal and decorating the exterior of the bottle to represent your investment plans. For example, try decoupaging an old handle with photos of your dream vacation destination. Set a little aside each week, and hopefully one day you’ll crack open the bottle to redeem the funds. 

5. Chalkboards:

Cover your old wine bottle in chalk paint, and you’ll have the perfect mini chalkboard for your kitchen or home bar. Use the board to display fun quotes, and incorporate it into your decor scheme. You can also use the chalkboard to show guests what you’re “currently pouring,” and update it based on your current home wine list. This can be an especially cute touch for dinner parties.


There are many more options to reuse caps in addition to alcohol bottles. Get creative and see what you can come up with to repurpose your empties. If you don’t have any yet, then it’s the perfect excuse to get to drinking. You just have to start by cracking one open.

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