The Slickest Ways to Get to the Crowed Bar

by / Monday, 25 May 2015 / Published in Random Ravings, Take a break!
get to the bar

Crowded bars are like death: often inconvenient and also inevitable. This might be a pretty drastic comparison, but it definitely gets annoying when you and a group of friends decide you are going to go out drinking and when you arrive, it seems like every other group of friends has done the same thing. There are a few tips you can use to make your way to the golden spot at the bar though if you are dedicated. Here they are.

1. Push your way through. This is only for the brave people. Push your way through the crowd like you are entitled to a spot. After all, do people care when they push or run into you? Nope.

2. Use your phone as a scapegoat. Start texting someone or pretending to text someone while you walk. As you do, keep your face looking down at your phone like you don’t realize you are headed toward the bar. And then when you end up there, voila, you’ve made it! You can also try the same thing with a phone call.

3. Dance like you’ve never danced before! Find a grove in your body to the beat and slowly inch your way to the bar. You might even pick up a sexy single on the way.

4. Pretend like someone is calling you…”Hold on Sarah, I’m coming! What? Sarah, did you want me to bring anything back?”

5. Suck it up and go to another bar. Only the weak do this. Figure out a way!

All in all, there are many ways to make your way to the bar. Figure out yours and cheers!

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