Top 5 Winter Drinks

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Winter evokes a certain emotion for drinkers; perhaps a memory of a ski trip seven years ago with friends, an escape to a bed and breakfast with a former flame, or the biggest snowfall of all time. In any case, winter is the best season to break out your bar-tending chops, or pickup a warm drink after work.



Eggnog & A Dark Liquor3141194799_9e84cca519_m
Eggnog is the taste of December, of holiday parties, and arguably the best holiday treat. The classic eggnog and rum is a favorite, but there is also a valid argument for Bourbon & eggnog. Regardless, eggnog is eggnog and as long as there is a ratio of 1.5 parts liquor for every 5 parts eggnog, this drink will be the one, even if it’s snowing heavily.

A Warm Mulled Cider
A warm mulled cider is the perfect addition to the Wednesday night blues, but the key is a small piece of ginger, which brings out the clove and nutmeg flavors. Pour it into a mulling cider mug (glass of course), and have yourself a merry little evening!

Champagne Cocktail8340782976_9165d66b09_m
The champagne cocktail is a once forgotten dream, only revived every so often on the tail end of December. A brut Champagne or sparkling wine with a few sugar cubes and 3 teaspoons of aromatic bitters will satisfy the sweet tooth for days, and you will look like an instant bartender if you surprise your friends with this gem on a Friday evening.

Hot Chocolate
A special hot chocolate is a classic at this time of the year; pair bittersweet chocolate and French brandy with a few marshmallow cubes and a dollop of whip cream. Hot chocolate certainly is one of the greatest additions to a ski holiday, and for a touch of spice, stir it with a cinnamon stick

Chai Toddy2684886952_848c7d8c8c_m
A little known recipe for tea drinkers all over the world is the Chai Toddy, using white port and chai tea concentrate. This warm addition to your day is perfect for a weekend night in a cozy bar. Don’t forget the star anise!


To make the first of many Chai Toddies in your lifetime, follow this quick recipe:

  • 2 oz. White Port
  • 4 oz. Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mixture (liquid)
  • 6 oz. foamed or steamed milk

Stir, and dash a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon on top for an extra zing!


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