The Benefits of Drinking

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Stop ignoring the positive effects of drinking!

Of course without moderation drinking can be very hazardous to your health, but we all seem to ignore the positive ends of drinking and what it can do for us. For starters there is the original reason why drinking began in the first place – the relaxer. As many of us know, alcohol really does help you destress as it lowers the everyday stress and worries that consume you throughout the day. So, to end your day with a glass or two of wine, you notice the tension that often bothers you seems to fade away for a speck of time allowing you to relax.

Along with alleviating stress, alcohol is also a big boost in our social lives. From work happy hours, to nights out with your friends, alcohol really does help loosen the crowd up and help people get along… when the drinking is kept to an acceptable level versus a remake of The Hangover. This is because along with helping you wind down, alcohol also lowers your inhibitions in this process. So, if you’re the type who panics when they enter a room full of people, a drink or two might help you take on the crowd with stride.

On the same path to eliminate stress, alcohol also helps clear our minds. Believe it or not – I feel there is some truth to this, despite the fact that we spend most of our time hating alcohol which usually does nothing but cloud our mind. Take a first date for example:  When you’re sitting at dinner with your date that you seem to like very much… most of us tend to get nervous. With these nerves, our minds tend to race a mile a minute as we try to make sure we say the right thing, look the right way, smile, laugh, look interested… the list is endless. While you’re feeling this way, you then begin to emulate a different vibe that is just not your usual self. To change this have a drink with dinner! Now, I don’t mean suck the bar dry and offend yourself, your date and just about everyone else in a drunken warpath. But, a drink or two will do the trick to calm you down, loosen you up, and allow a clearer and slower mind that will help keep you from getting lost in worried thought.

Again, alcohol is one of those things we must be careful with. It can be our best friend and sometimes our worst enemy. By finding a good balance in your drinking, one can start to notice a lot of the benefits that can come out of it as well.


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