Board Games that are Way More Fun While Drinking!

by / Sunday, 27 September 2015 / Published in Take a break!

Hey guys!  We’re back with some tips to spice up your weekly game night.

Board games are generally fun whenever or wherever you play them, but how do we make them even MORE fun?  Drinking!  Adding some alcohol, purchased from us at of course, can take the fun from a 7.5 to a full blown 10!  Need some ideas on how to do this?  We thought you’d never ask!

1.) Spice up the game of SORRY! with shots!

SORRY! is already an intense game that is full of apologies and revenge, but take it up a notch!  Each time a SORRY! card is drawn, the person who drew the card has to take a shot and the person who gets their piece knocked back to home also takes a shot!  This game can get interesting very quickly!

2.) Chug your beer anytime you land on a railroad in Monopoly!

As you land on that chugging railroad, you need to be chugging your beer.  Fair enough, right?  You could also take this even further by making the losers of the game chug the rest of their beers once the first person reaches a million dollars.  May the best tycoon win!

3) Get into trouble while playing Trouble!

Make this game interesting.  Each time you roll by pressing the bubble, whatever number you roll is the number of sips you must take from your drink.  By the end of the game, I’m sure there will be a lot more trouble happening besides the trouble on the game board!

4) Drink your life away playing The Game of Life!

Anytime something major happens in your life on the game, such as getting married or having kids, take a big ol’ gulp!  Pretty soon, your “life” will all be just one big blur!  Hehe.

5) Shots for Chutes and Ladders!

Anytime you slide down a chute, you need to “shoot” a shot down your guzzler.  This isn’t a child’s game anymore!

6) Sharpen your detective skills in Clue!

Was it Mr. Green with the rope in the parlor?  Heck if we know.  All we know is that when you guess you need to be taking a drink!

7) Indulge your sweet tooth with Candy Land!

Grab your favorite sweet liquor or chocolate beer (from us, of course) and set drinking guidelines!  For example, every time you land on a yellow space, that’s one sip, purple is two, etc.  Candy Land will soon turn to the land of bad decisions. *insert evil laugh*

There are certainly lots of other board games out there that could make the list, and that my friends is why we are leaving the rest up to you!  Tell us which games would be made a lot more fun if booze was involved, and tell us how to incorporate it!  Until next time: Drink, Play Games, and Visit!



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