Can a Drink or Two Boost Your Gaming Performance?

by / Monday, 05 October 2015 / Published in Take a break!

Have you ever indulged in a sip or two while playing video games with your buddies and sworn that it improved your skills?  Well, studies show that drinking while playing video games increases your gaming performance!   Ok, just kidding.  The only studies that say that are the ones we conducted here at Beerrightnow.  So, just how does drinking help you when playing?  We have a few theories that we’d like you to weigh in on.

1) Driving Games

Alright, so drinking and driving is NEVER ok.  We repeat, drinking and driving is NEVER ok!  However, when playing Mario Kart or GTA, it probably makes the game all the more fun.  Somehow, when buzzing, it seems like it’s way easier to take down opponents with turtle shells or run over an innocent pedestrian.  And for that reason, we encourage sippin’ while playing.  However, NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE AN ACTUAL CAR!

2) Shooting games.

Does drinking increase your aim?  Maybe not, but it definitely makes the shots that you miss a whole lot more hilarious!  Also, it probably would make for some amazingly funny conversation over the headset.  So, grab a beer and grab a controller!

3) Adventure/Board Game Inspired

Adventure games are fun in general, but you could spice up the board game inspired video games like Mario Party by adding booze.  Maybe set the amount of sips that happen for each mini game won or the winner chugs their beer.  You could also set drinking penalties for the losers.  Maybe someone who loses a mini game has to take a shot and the losers of the over all game have to battle it out in a drinking war depending on how badly they lost (2nd place, 3rd place, etc.)

If none of these sound good to you.  Consider this list of games that are just plain better when you’re drinking.

-Dance Dance Revolution: Test your rhythm when you’ve knocked a few back!

-Any Mario Party Game: We know that Nintendo struck gold when making Mario Party.  Why else would they keep making new versions??

-Wii Sports Resort:  This is way better than the tennis you played when the Wii first came out.  Grab a drink and try your hand at fencing, water skiiing, hula hooping and step aerobics!

-Kinect Adventures: Complete interactivity that will have you dizzy by the time you finish your 6-pack.

-NBA 2Kanything: Make basketball more interesting and competitive by adding a drink every time someone scores.

-FIFA/Madden: Same as NBA games

-Just Dance/Dance Central: Can you follow the moves after a few sips??
-MORTAL KOMBAT- Oh come on!  This game is epic WITHOUT alcohol!  Imagine what adding drinks would do.  It would take “finish him” to a whole other level!

-Tetris: A classic, you can’t go wrong adding anticipation with a cold beer.

-Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Melee: Drinking just adds to the epicness. You might be on an ass kicking spree thanks to your Red’s.

-You Don’t Know Jack/Trivial Pursuit: It’s ok to be dumb if you’re drunk, right?  :)

-Guitar Hero: Hands down, a little bit of liquid courage from your friends here at Beerrightnow will DEFINITELY improve your guitaring skills.  You might even nail that solo!

Got more?  Tried some of these with booze?  Let us know how your game performance improved…or didn’t!  Cheers!

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