Does Anyone Have a Lighter?– Awesome Beer Bottle Hacks

by / Tuesday, 10 May 2016 / Published in Drinking DIY, Random Ravings

We’ve all been there. You’re at a tailgating event or chilling on the porch with your friends. You just bought a six-pack of your favorite craft brew and are excited to share. But for some reason twist off caps are hard to come by, and there is no bottle opener in sight. Here are some fail safe hacks to help you quickly remove bottle caps without a bottle opener.


Use a Lighter

There is always at least one smoker in your social circle, which means they will surely have a lighter on them. With the proper grip and good leverage, you can pry off a bottle cap with the butt of a lighter as seen in the photo.


Use Scissors

This might seem slightly more barbaric and borderline violent, however scissors make an incredibly reliable drinking tool. All you need to do is open the blades just a little bit and slide a tip under one of the grooves in the cap. Snip into the metal and repeat this process around the cap until it pops off.


Use a Wedding Ring

Obviously you won’t want to use someone’s diamond engagement ring worth more than 500 cases of beer combined, but if someone has a solid metal weeding band, then they can try prying the bottle cap off by tucking the band under the lip of the cap and lifting at an upward angle, slowly bending the grooves away from the mouth of the bottle.


Use the Counter

While this isn’t safe nor is it recommended, you can always try the counter party method by slamming the lip of the cap down on the edge of the counter. This can be quite messy and potentially even break the bottle, not to mention it damages the counter, but it’s one way to get the job done.

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