Dress to Impress: Night Life Fashion Tips for Men

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Men and women alike can benefit from night life fashion tips. Night clubs are finicky when it comes to dress codes, and the rules are often targeted towards men. Small things can make or break your nightly appearance, and we want the best for you on your evening escapade. Here are a few night life fashion tips for men to consider when sipping on that pre-gaming drink before you venture out.

Groom Yourself


Showers are cool. Regardless of how trendy that “just rolled out of bed” look ever gets, the fact is that most people have still showered before messing their hair and wrinkling their shirt. Cleanliness is sexy, and having a “clean cut” look is rapidly coming back. So comb your hair, shave off your beard, brush your teeth, and make sure your clothes are clean. You never known where you’re going to end up later.

Wear Dark Colors


Dark colors are naturally slimming, but they are also very sharp and usually sophisticated. You can get away with lower quality clothing when you wear dark colors, because whatever you are wearing will draw less attention to the outfit itself but more so to the actual person underneath. Dark colors produce a level of mystique that can’t be portrayed with something such as a light pink polo.

Stick With Pants


Shorts are far too casual for night life. Pants will just ultimately demonstrate a higher level of maturity that shorts ever could, and hairy legs aren’t necessarily what people find attractive.

Accessorize With Care


Choose accessories wisely. Watches are typically a safe bet, however bracelets are acceptable when they are simple, dark, and leather. Necklaces are a bit more risky. Long thin cords or chains can pair well with deep V-neck shirts. Sentimental items such as your grandfather’s small pocket watch can also add to the overall outfit. Be extremely careful with rings. They can be relatively tacky or give the wrong idea about your relationship status.

Easy on the Cologne


No one wants to taste the way you smell. You are not an Abercrombie & Fitch store. There is no need to bath in cologne. Just a light and subtle spritz is all you need to arouse the senses. Just make sure you are wearing proper deodorant.

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