Drinking Games (Quarantine Edition)

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The government demands healthcare workers to stay at it while the rest of us stay home. Do your part and stay home – and drink? Yes. If wine and liquor stores are considered essential business, then staying home and drinking is now an essential hobby.

Here are two drinking games that are sure to provide a few laughs for you and your quarantine buddies.

The Google Speakeasy


What you’ll need:
– Drink of choice
– Any amount of friends/ family
– Laptop or smart phone with a camera
– Google Hangout/ Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime

How to play:

1.  Each person in the chat will come up with 3 – 5 questions to ask the group. Each question they create should relate to themselves – time to see who knows you best!

Sample Questions: “What sports did I play in high school?” “What’s my favorite food?”

2.  A question will be asked to the group. Everyone must type their answers in the chat! (This will help decide a clear winner and prevent shouting) First person to respond with the correct answer gets to tell one person to take a sip/ shot of their drink!

3.  One question at a time. When you finish asking all of the questions you wrote, move on to someone who hasn’t asked their questions yet.



Think Fast!

What you’ll need:
– Drink of choice
– 1 quarantine buddy
– Index cards, post-its, or paper

This game involves fast paced drinking….
Which is why it’s best to play with only one person chugging at a time!


How to play:

1.  Each of you will take a few minutes to write 10 – 15 simple questions about one topic below. On the opposite side of the paper you must write the answer.

Tip → Try to keep the questions and answers simple so the game moves fast!

– Questions about you/ your life
– Simple math problems (add/ subtract/ multiply)
– Guess this line! (Take from: movies, songs, books, poems)
– Create your own category!

2.  One person will start with their own written questions in hand. They will read the question out loud. As soon as they ask the question they will grab their drink from the table, take a sip at a normal pace, then place it back down on the table.

3.  If the person they are asking does not provide the correct answer by the time their drink returns to the table, they will be given the index card/ paper. Each index card/ paper received counts as one second of chugging. After all questions have been asked, that person must drink for the allotted amount of time.

4.  Switch who’s asking questions!

5.  Take a break from the chugging. Choose the next topic and write some new questions for the next round!

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