Drinks to Carry You Through Finals

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Cocktails to Carry You Through Finals

As finals season has reared its ugly head, your body (and brain!) are probably desperate for a chill, relaxed drink to either take the edge off or remind you of the sweet taste of summer right around the corner. Here are a few cocktails to either motivate you or help celebrate the end of exams—unless you have an internship, in which case, treat these as potential after work happy hour drinks.

  1. Sex on the Beach

As probably one of the ultimate vacation drinks, and named for two *prominent* vacation leisure activities, kick off your summer break (or end of finals) with this mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice for the ultimate reminder of the sweet freedom that awaits the near end of finals.

  1. Piña Colada

If vodka isn’t really your thing (and let’s be honest, who really loves vodka?) maybe a fresh piña colada will serve you better; simply throw together some rum, Coco Lopez (or simply cream of coconut) and pineapple juice to take you from the stuffed, smelly library to the breezy, sunny beachside.

  1. Acapulco

Swap your sour margaritas for something a little classier this summer. The Acapulco, named for the city in Mexico, combines tequila, white rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice and agave for the perfect summertime drink. Maybe make yourself a batch to go with your study notes before the next final…

  1. Scorpion Bowls

If you’re more of a sharer, the Scorpion Bowl should be your go-to summer cocktail to celebrate with friends after finals. Made from a delightful dumping of gin, dark rum, cognac, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, white wine, and orgeat. While these ingredients vary greatly from person to person and bar to bar, the idea is to get a big bowl, go wild, and try to avoid the “scorpion’s sting” the next day!

  1. Beach-Bum Rum Punch

Now, for the lowest maintenance of all summer cocktails, the Beach-Bum Rum Punch is a winner—simply mix a full bottle of white rum, a can of frozen lemonade, a small bottle of orange juice, a small bottle of pineapple juice, 2 cups of water, and cranberry juice to top off a gallon-sized container. Shake and serve! This is great for a trip to the beach with friends and is *minimal* effort, so look forward to this one for that last big-blowout before summer jobs begin!

Hopefully with one (or a few) of these drinks your summer will be off to its best possible start! Don’t forget to bring a beach towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen with your booze*

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