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Ladies, the weekend is approaching and it’s time for a much needed girl’s night IN! Maybe you’ve had a stressful week, don’t want to go out and put in much effort, or are on a budget. Regardless, you deserve a night in and away from the daily stressors of the world. The idea of a girl’s night in has changed a lot since the days of sleepover parties, movie marathons, and pillow fights. What used to be having a sugar rush off of soda and chocolate can now be reminiscent of red wine and alcohol infused candy. It’s the perfect way to catch up with your best girlfriends and spend quality time with one another, while remaining comfortable and not spending too much. So what constitutes a girl’s night in these days?

pexels-photo-262993First things first, food. By the end of the week, you’re bound to settle for that craving you’ve waited for all week. What better way to enjoy it than with your friends? Order a pizza from your favorite pizza joint, get burgers and fries to take home, or do Chinese takeout. Whatever your heart desires, just go for it!


Second, drinks. A bottle of rosé, perhaps some red wine? More in the mood for a bottle to share, or one for each? The sky’s the limit here and treating yourself is more than acceptable! Drinking a little is a fantastic way to relax and unwind, especially amongst company you like being around.

Third, movie time. Grab your favorite rom-com, comedy, or thriller and have it on the whole night. Whether you end up actually watching the movie or talking over it, it’s always nice to have it in the background. There’s certain movies that we’ve seen countless times, yet it’s a comfort to play them with our best friends.


Fourth, pamper. All pitch in on one idea that will make you look or feel better! Do each other’s nails, get do-at-home face masks, or light some incense for a sensational aroma. Whatever makes you happy to ultimately feel beautiful inside and out is worth the effort.

Overall, a girl’s night in can be whatever you make of it depending on your mood. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or planned ahead, it should rather be simple and impromptu! We all have those night’s we’d much rather stay in and not worry about what to wear, say, or act. Have bring your wine, liquor, cider, or beer to your next girl’s night in!




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