How to Celebrate a Drinking Buddy’s Birthday – Congrats!

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Happy 1st Anniversary!

As one of our latest partners celebrates their 1st Year Anniversary, we wanted to congratulate them on the good news! We recently bumped into each other out there in the wondrous world of social media and ever since… well, I guess you could say BeerRightNow and Sommbeer have become quite the pair of drinking buddies! When you take a beer community like Sommbeer is building and mix it with a lifestyle of beer delivery at BeerRightNow – it’s only a matter of time before you have a chat about beer. 

So, enjoy their kind words below, check them out and hey, while you’re at it – why not order some beer for BeerRightNow to deliver so you while you become acquainted with some of our friends?


Craft brew enthusiasts champion the idea of community and exudes that quality. The contributors include blue-collar workers and a marketing agent; a poet and a historian; married folks and a stay at home dad; Australians, Canadians, and Americans; and those who love pumpkin beers and some who detest them.


And that’s just the writers.’s community involves avid readers, social media friends, and even quite a few that own their own beer blogs. Isn’t that what that craft-brewing community is all about?


But wait, there’s more. brought together two factions of people that otherwise would never speak – Blackhawks fans and Red Wings fans. That’s like Darth Vader and Yoda hanging out together at spa.

Can you imagine if had been around a couple of hundred years ago?

  • Custer and Sitting Bull would have met in South Dakota for a local rib-fest.
  • The Japanese would have arrived in Pearl Harbor to drop off their share of a beer trade.
  • Yoko Ono would have been the Beatles’ beer mule.

Ok, maybe not.

Still, it is a place where “everybody knows your name” and it reminds us all that – to borrow an idea from James Carville – it’s about beer, stupid.


I started writing for Sommbeer in the winter of 2014. Before that, I swam in a sea of craft-brew anonymity. Before long, I found myself conversing with craft-brew nerds from all over the world. I’m not kidding. Since my first article, I’ve grown from 250 followers to 1,000, which includes followers from eight countries on three different continents. And many others share my story. That’s impact. That’s community. More importantly, that’s a copious amount of craft brew friends drinking and chatting about good beer in a relaxed fashion because they…

… “Don’t take serious beer too seriously.”

Thanks for letting me be a part of it all — cheers to all my friends!

Matt – Featured Contributor – @SportsNCraftBeer

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