How to Master Any Happy Hour Special

by / Wednesday, 05 August 2015 / Published in Random Ravings
 Happy hour is the special time of the day where bars all around offer great specials anywhere from what's on tap, to what is on shelf, to even snacks that go almost too well with your drinks! However, with a limited time frame from 5-7 to reap all the benefits, it helps to have a plan to get the most for your money! So, here are some tips to walk home (or take a cab home) feeling like the "Happy Hour Champ":

1) Arrive Early: Depending on the popularity of the bar, the crowd can build up quick. With bodies upon bodies of people to navigate through, you'll waste a lot of time simply trying to fight your way to the front. With a nice, solid spot at the front of the bar or maybe even seated at the bar - you're home free!

2) Buddy Up: By this, I mean exactly as it says - grab your drinking buddy and divide and conquer! For example, if your and a friend or two both make an equal effort to get to the front of a crowded bar during happy hour, you increase the chances of someone getting to the front. When your or your friend gets to a bartender, he or she can try to order for the entire group and save time.

3) Research: With tons of online sources and devices all around us, you have multiple ways to research the best happy hour in your area. Whether it's an app or scrolling through bar websites, you and your friends can determine which bar offers the best happy hour specials before going.

4) TIP: With the bartender being the judge, jury and executioner of the bar - you'll want to make sure you get on his or her good side. If you make friends with the bartender, you can bet he or she will gladly jump to serve you as soon as possible when you get back up to the bar for another drink.

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