How to Study and Take Exams with Beer!

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Context Effects:

Today as I was sitting in a lecture for my Psychology class we went over an interesting topic that sparked my interest right away when the professor explained the concept with beer. The concept I am referring to (for all you Psych majors out there) is Context Effects. In short, it is when, “the ability to recall is improved when in the same context as the initial experience.” -“Psychology” by David G. Myers

Now, being a lecture hall full of college students, it is safe to say 78% of the class was probably not paying attention when the professor introduced this concept. So, to make things more interesting the professor asked the million dollar question to engage everyone immediatly:  “Shall I explain using the concept of drinking and studying?”

Context Effects + Beer:

In many studies it has been shown that there is a link between studying and good exam scores when you are in the same mental state studying for the exam as you are taking the exam. This is because your brain is able to recall information much more efficiently if it is in the same state in which the information was originally learned. Applying it to beer, the professor said how with this concept could be just as effective.

This means, if you are cramming for an exam and just so happen to enjoy a beer or two during, it would be possible to perform better during the exam if you followed the same process. So in other words, enjoy a beer or two before the exam as well! Now, of course, this does not mean you should go to a “rager” on frat row the night before you exam! However if you can master the concept of context effects and how it works, hopefully you can introduce beer as a study buddy versus the tempting devil on your shoulder.

On a side note – notice how much fun class becomes when you apply different concepts and theories to beer?!


Mike #BeerRightNow

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