How to Throw a Beer Olympics

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How to throw a beer olympics

As the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympic Games are winding down, consider holding a Beer Olympics to keep the good times rolling! Throwing a Beer Olympics is a great way to get a bunch of friends together and foster some friendly competition.

  1. First, choose if you’d like to hold a summer or winter Beer Olympic games. In the summertime you have the opportunity to play the games outside and it can easily be planned in someone’s backyard. You’re going to need to acquire a few tables and tents and an inflatable kiddie pool where you can hold all the beer!
  2. Second, have your friends pick teams of 4 and decide on a country that they want to represent. It’s fun if everyone shows up in some kind of costume! Also, each team should bring a pack of beer to contribute to the pool.
  3. Third, decide on the games you want to include in your Beer Olympics. Here’s a couple examples of games that don’t take too long since there will be multiple rounds of each type of game. Remember, 2 players on a team go against 2 players on the opposing team per game while the remaining players stand by for support and encouragement.
    1. Flip Cup: Prepare by having an equal number of cups filled as desired for each team. Start the game by making a toast where the first player of each team drinks their cup and then places the cup open side up on the edge of the table where you attempt to flip the cup face side down on the table. After the person is successful, no matter how long it takes, the next person on the team can go. Whichever team finishes drinking and flipping all their cups first, wins and gets a point for that round.
    2. Rage Cage: Prepare by having an uneven amount (usually 21) of beer filled cups in the middle of the table with the center cup being filled most or with a combination of different kinds of beer, plus 2 ping pong balls. The game starts with 1 player on each side where they must drink their beer and then proceed by bouncing the ping pong ball into the cup. If they make it on their first try, they can pass to anyone they’d like. Anytime afterwards they pass it to the player to their left. When a cup catches up to the other, the player can stack the cup on the other and the stacked cups gets passed onto the next player to the left. The person who gets stacked must take a beer from the middle, drink, and start bouncing the ping pong ball into the cup. The person to lose at the end drinks the center cup and that team loses the game.
  4. Fourth, make a scoring and bracket system and have some printouts available so everyone understands when they play which team. Basically, if your team wins a game you get 1 point for that round and the team with the most points at the end of the day wins! It’s fun to have one big scoreboard to keep track of points and where everyone can see who’s winning throughout the day.
  5. Fifth, have a fun prize for the winning country! Nothing sparks competition like having an incentive to try your hardest.

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