How to Turn Your Kids’ Boardgames into Drinking Games

by / Thursday, 26 March 2020 / Published in Random Ravings

There’s only so many times you can play “Have you ever” with your same group of friends. Television drinking games are fun but a little too anti-social for parties. Lucky for you, there are a bunch of games sitting in your kid’s closet just waiting to be turned into fun adult games with a few rule tweaks. So find the pieces and try these:

1. Shandyland

A twist on our favorite candy-themed boardgame, set the game up as normal but every time you pick a colored-square card, follow the following drinking rules:

BLUE CARD- guys drink
PURPLE CARD- girls drink
ORANGE CARD- player who picked the card drinks
YELLOW CARD- player who picked the card picks someone to drink
DOUBLE CARD- player who picked the card drinks and picks one other player to drink as well
PEOPLE CARDS- player must choose a random person/celebrity and other players must ask YES or NO questions until they guess the person. Whoever wins this challenge gets to choose who drinks.
PLACES CARDS- player must choose TRUTH or DARE and the person to the left can ask a question or dare them to do something. The player may opt out by downing the rest of their drink.

Play this game with a delightful shandy recipe using your favorite beer!

2. Battle Shots
You don’t need the game or pieces for this one, but you will need a few other items:
-12 shot glasses (size doesn’t matter)
-a divider of some sort for the middle of the table (you can even stack some books- just make sure the other team can’t see where your battleshots are)
-a marker
-light colored table cloth you can write on
Use a ruler or book to create a battle ship board on the table cloth. Label the x-axis with letters and the y-axis with numbers, place your shots and start calling out coordinates. If you have a shot on B5 and the other team guesses “B5″, you must sink your battleshot- into your mouth. Keep the shots at 1 ounce for maximum play time.

3. Twisted-er

The game of Twister is already hard enough when you’re sober. Make the rule if you fall you drink, and its hilariously impossible. Use food coloring in shots of light colored liquor to make it even more interesting. If you miss a red dot, drink a red shot.

4. Pictionary

This game gets more and more fun as it goes along. Have everyone write phrases on separate index cards. 20 phrases per person is good. It makes it fun to put inappropriate stuff on the cards, but obviously, know your audience. Phrases could be things like “Does a bear scat in the woods?” or “She’s not the brightest crayon in the box.” Divide into teams and start picking cards to draw for the other team to guess. Set a timer for 1 minute and if they haven’t guessed the phrase, they drink and your team gets a point. Whoever has the most points wins!

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