Infuse Your Own Vodka

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Making your own flavored vodka is easier than you’d think and can add a little spice (or fruit!) to your drinks. Why bother when  you can buy flavored vodka off the shelf? Well, you certainly can and their are good options but when you infuse it yourself you can choose how strong the flavor is and get creative by using unconventional flavors or mixing different fruits and spices together.


Step 1: Choose your flavors



Decide what kinds of flavors you want to achieve. Are you looking for something sweet or spicy? Some good options are: pear, vanilla, chili pepper, mango, lemon peel, green tea, strawberry, basil, grapefruit, or apple. Don’t be afraid to combine different flavors to make a truly unique vodka. Why not mix strawberry and vanilla for a strawberry shortcake vodka?


Step 2: Choose a Vodka



You don’t need a top shelf brand of vodka, but you don’t want the cheapest bottle either. You want something of solid quality (so the flavor isn’t distracting from your beautiful infusion) like an Absolut or Smirnoff.


Step 3: Prepare the Ingredients



Chop up your fruit, or gather your spices. If you are using fruit you will want about 15 oz of fruit (2 apples worth) for a bottle of vodka. Cut the fruit to increase the surface area touching the vodka.

Place the fruit in a container, mason jars work well.


Step 4: Add the Vodka



Pour your vodka over the fruit, and stir it so all the fruit comes in contact with the vodka.


Step 5: Wait



Leave the infusion somewhere safe and dark for a few days. Depending on the infusion and how strong you want it you can leave it for 2 days to a week. Keep an eye on it throughout the week, you can always taste it to see how the flavor is coming along.


Step 6: Strain the Fruit



Now that the vodka has the perfect flavor you are ready to strain it. Use a regular kitchen strainer for most fruits, or if you used fine herbs you can use a cheesecloth or even a coffee filter. Make sure you strain it so that you keep the desired flavor.


Step 7: Enjoy!


You are ready to make your own cocktails or sip your infused vodka on ice. Enjoy!



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