Is Light Beer Better For You?

by / Tuesday, 24 May 2016 / Published in Random Ravings

There is an ongoing myth that light beer is generally healthier than dark beer in terms of calories and overall alcohol content. While several light beers are crafted to have a lower calorie count, generally the color of the beer does not determine the content so much as it hints at the type of grain used in the brewing process.


There are many dark beers that hold true to their stereotype. Certainly, several of them are heavier, richer, and even have more calories, but the color defines the roast of the malt that was used in the brewing process. In fact, plenty of paler beers are known to have a relatively higher caloric content and alcohol percentage than a beer even as dark as Guinness. Dark beers may taste richer and heavier due to the “toasted” quality of the malt roast.


Light beers such as Bud Light, Natural Light, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon are designed to appeal to a large population of beer drinkers at a minimum cost. These beers lack the same type of malt and flavor that darker beers have because they do not contain added ingredients and undergo a different process.

Light Beer Taste Test

In conclusion, light beer is not necessarily lower in calorie and sugar content unless it is actively advertised as so. Oftentimes, a beer with fewer calories will also be subject to a lower alcohol percentage, which can result in the consumption of more beer to make up for the same “feel good” feeling that a brew with a higher ABV might induce. Don’t let the color fool you, and enjoy a beer for its flavor!

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