When Did the Lime Meet Corona?

by / Saturday, 06 June 2015 / Published in Random Ravings

Ok folks, time to visit another classic drink: Corona and Lime. I’m sure many of you have tried this concoction, possibly while listening to the famous song by Shwayze of the same title. The question has come up many times…how and when did the “Corona and Lime” tradition start. Well, there are a few answers actually. Let’s explore them.

1. Some people believe that the lime is used to mask the smell and taste of the beer. Corona, unlike most other beers, comes in a clear bottle. This is negative for the beer because exposure to light makes the beer have a “skunky” smell and taste. We think this is an urban legend set-forth by Mexican drug lords but cannot confirm this at the moment.

2. If you ask enough people, some will eventually tell you that the lime is used as a bug repellent. Yep, that’s right, BUG REPELLENT! There are people who believe that the lime wedge keeps flies away from the bottle opening. However, if you are drinking it, then there will be no room for the flies. We tried this, our test flies did not approach our beer and it does seem logical considering Corona’s origin and the abundance of limes there. we’ll give this a “useful but likely not”.

3. Another theory is that the lime is used as a disinfectant. It is believed that the metal caps also rusted on the rim of the bottle neck. So, for this reason, citrus was used to clean the rim so that it would not alter the taste of the beer. We’re referencing the drug lords in #1 above here.

4. Lastly, and most probably, in 1981 a bartender made a bet with his buddy that he could start a new trend and sell more beer. He shoved a lime wedge down the neck of a Corona and the trend caught on…FAST. Notice how I said this was probable and not definite. This is because it has not been proven that this is what happened, but it is most likely what did.

After the tradition started, Corona has become the largest selling imported beer in the United States. Would you like to partake in the tradition? Bet you are! now go to BeerRightNow.com for limes and Coronas that are waiting for loving homes! Cheers!

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