Street Food is the Best Drunk Food

by / Tuesday, 07 January 2014 / Published in Random Ravings

Street food… you mean drunk food? With the food truck frenzy taking over all across the country, many truck owners can now cashing in on your night out with your friends. Now, let’s think on this for a second… it’s late, the bars are beginning to clear out and you and your friends step outside to find a cab home and what is only one block away? What’s that…? A taco food truck? BINGO! Yup, when it comes to going out, the food truck can truly be the blessing of the evening as it satisfies your aggressive hunger after all the beer and other drinks you slugged down at the bar.

So after you drop to your knees and thank the food truck gods for having deliciously unhealthy drunk food on patrol when you’re out on the town – I’m curious to see what have been some of the most unique foods you guys have drunkly bought from the almighty food trucks? Share in the comments!

Personally – the weirdest thing I bought was at a food truck in Miami where I got some part of a pig (I care not to find out what it really was) that was marinated in some native Cuban spices and deep fried on a stick. As good as was, I’m still a little weary as to what I really ate that night. Then again, at 2am after a night out… deep fried anything on a stick sounds pretty good to just about anyone.


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