Movie Marathon Drinking Games

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Movie Marathon Drinking Games

There inevitably comes a point in every person’s adult life where someone has the bright idea to grab drinks and do a movie marathon. No? Well you haven’t lived life then, my friend. Here are a few movie marathon ideas to get you from 0 to hammered in 90 minutes or less.

  1. Star Wars

Okay, yeah, this might be a little ambitious for a movie marathon. But assuming you can make it through two of the movies, we can count it (obviously the original movies first, save the prequels for when you’re drunk). Suggested rules are listed below:

Drink when:

  • Storm Troopers miss their target
  • Someone invokes the Force (“May the Force be with you”)
  • R2D2 is useful
  • C3PO complains about R2D2
  • Han Solo brags about his sweet ride
  • Darth Vader chokes someone with the Force
  • Anytime someone says the word “midiclorian” (as if that’s a thing at all)
  • Yoda says something about the Force

If you want to make it more interesting, add an extra drink in when:

  • Chewbacca does the weird throat thing
  • Jar Jar Binks does something annoying (if you’re not drunk before watching the prequels you will be after this one)
  • A Jedi falls in the name of the light (obviously you drink to preserve his honor here)

May the Booze be with you.

  1. Lord of the Rings (maybe the Hobbit?)

If the Star Wars space opera isn’t quite your thing (George Lucas just scowled), maybe the Lord of the Rings saga is more your game. Grab your drinking buddies and get to work! J.R.R. Tolkien wrote these books for you to have a great time.

Drink when:

  • Gollum comes on screen and mentions “his precious”
  • Legolas does some elf-y thing
  • Gandalf is vague
  • Bilbo employs thievery to achieve his ends
  • Thorin does something annoying and douchey
  • Smaug shoots flames at someone
  • Sauron comes on screen
  • Sam and Frodo have an ~intimate~ moment
  • There’s a sick hair-flip (cue Legolas or Thranduil)
  • The eagles show up

Mix it up by having everyone take a shot whenever they spot a hobbit’s feet. After this one, everyone in your group is going to want a second breakfast for the probable ensuing hangover.

  1. Harry Potter series

Now if the other two series were ambitious, Harry Potter might just be the crown jewel in terms of long-ass movie marathons. But if Harry could be the Boy Who Lived and defeat Voldemort at age 17, you can certainly be the Grown Ass Adult Who Made it Through a Bottle of Cuervo at age 22. Accio Sangria!

Drink when:

  • Harry complains about his scar
  • Ron swears
  • Someone mentions muggles
  • Harry gets angsty
  • Someone says “He Who Must Not Be Named”
  • Magical creatures get involved
  • Nearly Headless Nick’s head flops off his body
  • Someone scores points in Quidditch

Take a shot/big drink when:

  • Harry catches a snitch
  • Someone becomes an animal
  • Something explodes
  • Dumbledore does something questionable as headmaster of a magical school

If by the end of the movie you don’t feel like you’ve just spent six hours in the Leaky Cauldron or the Three Broomsticks, start the next movie. It won’t be long before everyone feels like they’ve taken a big gulp of Draught of the Living Dead. Make Hagrid proud, muggles.

While I wouldn’t necessarily endorse drinking for a complete 9+ hours straight, these movie marathons are bound to make a night in seem much less boring than they might be otherwise. Either way, stay magically drunk, May the Hangover not suck, and make sure you keep that precioussssss water next to you after your movie marathon drinking game night.

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