A Night Out With a Budget– How to Make it Last

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The younger generation is one to appreciate parties, nightlife, live music, and good drinks. Bars, clubs, and live music venues are prime locations for experiencing the culture of a growing city, especially one rich with colleges and innovative professions. But millennials will know that money isn’t as easy to manage as it used to be. School loans, rent, credit cards, car payments, and other bills stack easily. It is important to prioritize happiness, and having a social life is essential to growing as an individual. Everyone deserves a night out every once in a while, even on a tight budget. Here are some tips and reminders to help make the evening last.


Order Beer

On average, draft beer is cheaper than liquor. If you aren’t visiting a bar during happy hour, then your favorite cocktail is likely to be marked up in price, even when made from the well. Beer also tends to last longer due to its carbohydrates and more filling qualities. People typically drink beer slower unless they are having a chugging contest.


Be Considerate

Everyone has their drink of choice, and the regular bar patron will know that not all drinks are created equal. Bartenders are not machines. They have feelings, and an impatient or complicated customer is almost certainly not going to receive special treatment. If you go to a busy dive bar, pay attention to drink specials and popular orders. Ordering a fancy cocktail at peak hours might get you a lot more mixer than imagined, and the overall quality might be worth less than your tab. Be sure to tip well to show appreciation, and you will likely get what you pay for, and sometimes more!


Make New Friends

Socializing  at a bar can be a necessary evil. Bars are meant to help people be free of inhibitions and branch out to new cultures and ideas. Don’t be afraid to mingle, or even flirt a little. There is no harm in being playful, and your new friend might just offer to buy the next round. Now you’ve got more money in your pocket and a phone number.


Find a Power Hour

Believe it or not, all-you-can-drink does exist. Many bars, especially in younger and rapidly expanding communities, will sometimes offer an unlimited well and cheap beer happy hour for a flat price. Power hours typically last up to two hours and will have designated drinks to which the deal applies. For just ten dollars you could potentially drink an entire evening’s worth of a good time!


Take a Cab

Realistically, not everyone is so eager or responsible when it comes to being a designated driver. Whether you are out on the town with friends or exploring on your own, it is important to get home safely. Set aside a few bucks for a cab just in case the night takes a turn for the unexpected.

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