Party Faux Pas: Things to Avoid Doing on Memorial Weekend

by / Tuesday, 24 May 2016 / Published in Random Ravings

Memorial Weekend is rapidly approaching, and though most people don’t celebrate it for what it truly is, there are still some things to consider when planning your summer commencement adventure. It is highly uncommon for adults not to drink or pay a visit to their favorite campground in honor of Memorial Day. While the government holiday was originally designated as a tribute to those who died after serving in the United States’ armed forces, many people– especially students– view it as the kickoff to the rest of their summer. Let’s be real– Memorial Day is a holiday involving a ton of drinking. For this very reason we have listed a few things not to do in order to avoid being the ultimate party faux pas over the weekend as you most certainly pay respects to the country’s fallen soldiers.

Don’t Start a Fire


Never play with fire when you are intoxicated. Sure, it’s tempting. Fireworks are all fun and games until someone blows their hand off or sets their neighbor’s tent on fire. Do everyone a favor and just put the matches down. Perhaps bring some pretty color-changing LED lights instead.

Don’t Fall in a Lake


If going camping for the weekend, you will inevitably be in close proximity to a body of water. Whether it’s on a boat or a dock, don’t go stumbling around it. Wear a life vest. You might look like a dweeb, but at least you’ll reduce your chances of getting life flighted to the nearest hospital and putting a major damper on things.

Don’t Forget the Beer


If you are looking to have a good time, then this is perhaps the most obvious things to avoid. Always remember the beer. Camping trips tend to be in remote locations, which means beer can be hard to come by. Don’t be the airhead who forgets the party, or you are going to have a few bitter bros and long days ahead of you.

Don’t Drive


The number one rule when drinking– don’t drive. This is a given, and anyone who thinks it’s okay is an idiot. Never put anyone’s life at risk by getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Not even your own.

Don’t Make Out With the Annoying Girl/Guy


Lastly, there are few things one can regret more than hooking up with the most annoying guy or girl in the bunch. Look and learn, and if that isn’t enough– think of what your kids would be like.

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