Pre-GAME Ideas

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Pre-game ideas

Out of new ideas on what to do at a pre-game? Drinking and talking with friends can be nice for a little while, but in order to rally the crowd you’ll need to play a fun drinking game. This will help incorporate your group so people can get to know each other better in a relaxing environment. Once everyone is joined in on a game, the pressure is off and you’ll be well on your way for a great night ahead. Next time you’re at a pre party, you’ll be prepared with the following fun games to play with your friends:



  • Picolo: Download the app on your phone to play this fun game with a group of people. All you have to do is add each player’s name and the game takes care of the rest. A name will pop up with a question or instructions on what to do and you take it from there. It’s simple to use and understand, works for anybody, and is hilarious. Definitely check this out for your next pre-game.


  • King’s Cup: This game is a lot of fun and is great for a big or small group. All you’ll need is a deck of cards and one solo cup. Set the deck of cards in a circular fashion around the solo cup face down. Make sure there is no gap between any of the cards. This is because if someone breaks the gap during the game, they’ll have to drink the contents of the solo cup in the middle! So you’ll want to fill the solo cup with a mixture of alcohols (whatever you have). Basically once it’s a person’s turn, they pick up a card and based on the number follow these instructions:
    • 2- YOU! You give out a drink to someone else.
    • 3- ME! You take a drink.
    • 4- Ladies. All girl’s take a drink.
    • 5- Drive. Everyone puts their thumbs up and pretends they’re driving a car. The first person will say “vroom” and move their thumbs to the right toward the next person. Then this person can either say “vroom” having it go to the next person on their right or say “skert” where you move your thumbs to the left and that will put it in reverse to the person to their left. The game goes on until someone messes up!
    • 6- Guys. All guy’s take a drink.
    • 7- Heaven. Everyone put their hands in the air and the last person to do so takes a drink.
    • 8- MATE! Pick a person who will be your “mate” and whenever you drink, they will also have to drink.
    • 9- Rhyme. Pick a word and clockwise people will have to say a word that rhymes with it. The first person to hesitate or not have a word must drink.
    • 10- CATEGORIES! Pick any category like cereal, cars, countries, ect. and each person clockwise must name something in that category or they drink.
    • Jack- New rule. Pick a rule that everyone has to follow. This could be that every time someone drinks they must put their pinky up. Another idea is no swearing. Whatever it is you decide, whoever breaks the rule must drink and you are in charge of watching people.
    • Queen- Queen of Questions. You are now the “queen of questions” and you have the power of making someone drink if they answer any question you ask. This can be a lot of fun messing people if you use it to your advantage!
    • King- Never have I ever. Play the game!
    • Ace- The first person starts drinking and everyone follows suit until the last person (who probably has to finish their full cup).


  • Death Box: For this game you’ll need one deck of cards and plenty of drinks on hand. Set up 4 cards laid in a square shape face up. The dealer will ask the first person to choose one of the cards. Then based off the number on the card the person will either choose HIGHER or LOWER. For example, if the card is 5, the person will have a better chance if they say HIGHER. The dealer then puts the next card face up on top of the 5 and if it is indeed higher, they move on. They will repeat this step again saying HIGHER or LOWER and if they win again, they do it a third time. If they win that they are safe and don’t have to drink and it moves onto the next person who gets to choose from one of the 4 card piles. On the other hand, if the card is LOWER, they lose that round and they have to drink for however many seconds as there are cards in that deck. So this person would only drink for 1 second. As the card piles increase, there will be longer drinking periods. It’s a game of luck and not for the faint-hearted!


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