SPRING BREAKERS: Beers For Your Spring Break Trip

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We love Spring Break. We love spring break in Miami, in San Diego, in New York. We love spring break in South Padre, in Vegas, and Lake Havasu. We just love spring break! And with spring break comes the spring break trope: what happens on spring break stays on spring break! To help you along, provide you with what to expect if this is your first trip, or take you down remembrance lane if you’ve graduated; here is a list of the beers you will no doubt encounter on your break.

But don’t worry– you might not remember any of them anyway!


Pabst Blue Ribbon

This is one of those must-have experiences — you must appreciate the PBR. It is a rite of passage, a necessity in your young adulthood. Try it now (or try a few!). Best appreciated in cities other than Portland and Austin, this beer is for my lumberjacks and those who appreciate Jack Kerouac.


Old Milwaukee

You might know this beer from the Will Ferrell ads that ran back in 2013. But don’t let Will Ferrell’s humorous antics fool you; this is an excellent choice for your spring break beer. Try this truly American dry lager to spice up your Spring break!


Coors Banquet

Cooler is better! Coors sure knows this to ring true. Coors beer is brewed in the single largest brewery factory in the world, located in Golden Colorado. From this amazing places comes one of the oldest brewed American Beers. And to our neighbors to the North; your prayers were answered and Coors Banquet is now available in Canada! Regardless, it is a true American beer and one that should be appreciated during Spring Break.


Natural Light

Natty Light. Who can forget this beer? If you didn’t know, it tastes like youth. Like an evening around a campfire. Or a few beers on the beach while catching a football. This beer shows vitality, it shows the ability to bounce back and it shows calorie consciousness; all of which are key when imbibing large amounts of alcohol over spring break.


Miller High Life

For those who truly want to live the high life– this is the drink for you! Try “The Champagne of Beers” to liven up your break; the clear glass bottle (though it can also be bought in a can) alone will have you feeling on top of the world! Those who drink it regularly know it as the original cold filtered packaged draft beer, the winner of several lager awards, and the originator


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