Top Shelf Liquor: Worth the Extra Money?

by / Tuesday, 21 July 2015 / Published in Random Ravings

Heya guys!  We’re back with another handy dandy article to enlighten you and shape the way you drink from this point forward!  The question has come up as to whether buying “top shelf” liquor is worth the extra cost.  Should you spend the extra $50 dollars just because there are some liquors that are literally placed on a top shelf behind the counter?  Does that make them better?  There’s actually a few ways to answer this question.  Let’s look at the possibilities, shall we?


There are many reasons why spending the extra few dollars can be worth it when deciding on a liquor choice.  For one, it can serve as a bragging piece.  I can recall being in college and thinking that one of my friends must have had it made because he was able to buy the $80 bottle of Ciroc on a weekly basis for a few of us to share.  Aside from bragging rights of being able to actually afford the cost of the top shelf liquors, you are indeed paying for higher quality.  Often, the more expensive brands taste better, are smoother, and mix better.  For example, you could buy the cheap vodka that costs $10 if you truly wanted, but the harshness might bite you in the butt.  Whereas if you bough something like Grey Goose or Ciroc, they might be easier to down.  Pretty much, if you are looking to be social and sip slower, you should opt for the top shelf stuff.  After all, celebrities endorse the top shelf stuff, so it must be better, right?  XD


There is also the argument that top shelf liquors are not worth the money simply because you can buy less known brands for cheaper.  Personally, my argument for this is that if your sole purpose is to get drunk, it is not necessary to buy the top shelf brands.  At that point, you’re guzzling whatever lands in your cup, amirite? Additionally, it is just a hassle sometimes because you can’t see everything on the shelf.  If you stick to the cheaper brands, you will be free to roam around the store, reading labels and making decisions about different flavors.  Fun fun.  However, remember that now there is no need to go to the store, because we have everything you need here at!

So, in summary, top shelf liquor is only worth the extra money when you are going for quality, status, and sipping slow, but if you plan to have a night of guzzling, skip the top shelf and look lower.  Plus, you’ll get more for the same price one bottle of the expensive stuff would have cost you.  Happy drinking!  Cheers.


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