What Your Favorite Beer Says About You

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Everyone has a favorite beer. The one you drink on a sunny afternoon, keep in your fridge in case a friend stops by, and bring to parties. But what makes your beer – and your personality – stand out? Keep reading to find out what your favorite beer says about you.

pool girl


Corona: You’re fun, friendly and you never let anything get you down. You spend the summers playing volleyball on the beach and inviting your neighbours over for a pool party.




Budweiser: Anyone who loves this beer, named America for the summer, is surely a patriot – like Donald Trump – even it is made in Czech Republic. You love summer BBQs, hamburgers, and fireworks on the 4th of July.




Pabts Blue Ribbon: If your favorite beer is PBR you are a no-nonsense millenial who knows how to get the best bang for your buck. You don’t have time for lighter beers, and you’re not going to waste your money on pricier beers. You have to make it to 3 parties tonight after you finish up at your new internship.




Rogue Ales: You like to challenge the status quo. You’re a rebel who expects more from life and you’re willing to try new things to get it. You like to travel, ride motorcycles and eat spicy food.


beer pour


New Belgium Beers: You’ve been drinking craft beers since long before the recent craze. You’re cultured and socially conscious. You appreciate the history of the things you buy, and you always buy eco-friendly or fair trade items.





Sierra Nevada: You appreciate nature and the great outdoors. You want to drink your beer with a great view, maybe from the top of a mountain at sunset, while a single, beautiful, bead of sweat drips down your back.


mans man


Guiness: You’re a classy guy. A man’s man. Your dark beer matches your dark suit and your brooding personality. If you’re a woman, you’re not afraid of challenges or breaking glass ceilings.

Whether your a classy Guiness guy or fun Corona girl, embrace your personality the next time you order your beer delivery and get the beer that makes you feel like you!

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