Why Growlers Ruin Beer Drinking

by / Saturday, 02 May 2015 / Published in Take a break!

Cities all around are packed with trendy bars that are picking up on a new, favored trend by using growlers. For anyone who is not too familiar with growlers – what they are, are large sized, glass bottles (usually covered with the bar’s brand) that can be refilled with beer from the bar of purchase for a price that is slightly cheeper than drinking by the bottle. Yet another selling feature with these growlers is the fact that you can take them home with you! As people slowly begin to adopt the growler into their drinking, many do not realize how awful these bottles really are! One reason why is the fact that it insults the art of brewing beer to its entirety! The reason why all has to do with the chemical reaction after the beer goes into the growler. As many of you know, beer making is a very sensitive process that requires a lot of precision with ingredients, oxygen exposure, and timing to make it come out tasting good and fresh. So, when you take perfectly brewed beer, pour it from a tap into a resealable bottle that can be consumed now and later – it is easy to see how the growler can ruin the beer. By sitting in the bottle too long the taste begins to change with excessive exposure to the elments as well as the quality of the beer which slowly diminishes.

So, as much as I hate to bash all the bars that are trying to adopt this beloved  trend of selling growlers, I can’t help but speak the truth when it comes to anything that insults the taste of a good beer!


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