Wine & Heat | The Deathly Combination

by / Tuesday, 09 August 2016 / Published in Random Ravings

If you thought you were suffering from these scorching temperatures this summer, take a moment and think about the wine. Before you open that case of wine you’ve been waiting to enjoy after a long day at work, your wine may already be undrinkable. Beware! Shipping wine, although uber convenient, has its downfalls as well. The number one being heat. Read on for some full-proof ways to make sure your wine hasn’t been damaged by the heat wave this summer.

You likely have heard wine snobs say red wines must be kept at around 65 degrees and white wines kept at around 52 degrees, surprisingly they are not being snobs. Wines that reach temperatures over 70 degrees are doomed. So here are a few helpful tips that can help save your wines from becoming undrinkable in this summer heat.


    In a Wine Club? Find one Locally.

Sure, maybe you aren’t in a state that has an exceptional terrain    for growing grapes, let alone producing great wine, but you’d be  surprised how many hidden wineries are less than 50 miles from  you that make exceptional wine. Not only are you supporting local  businesses, but you also get to attend exclusive pick-up events  rather than have your wine shipped (hello date night), eliminating  the worry that your wine will be damaged before you can even  open a bottle. If you aren’t committed to a wine club, yet, what  better option then have your wine delivered right to your door the day you want it? has a vast variety of wines for each type of wine connoisseur (introducing same day delivery The options here are endless and convenient.

Wine Cooler

This may be the inner wine snob in me, but I always have an insulated cooler in my car, just in case I stumble upon the perfect bottle of wine I just have to have. A simple solution to preventing wine from becoming ruined in your car (which is one of the most common causes) is to purchase a small, insulated wine cooler and keep it in your car at all times. You’d be surprised how quickly a wine can go bad from sitting in your car as you finish your errands. The one I use is compact and can fit four of my favorite wines ( and it’s only ten dollars, you can’t beat that.

Outdoor Sipping

One of, if not the best thing about summer is being able to drink outside. Whether it’s at your favorite BYOB restaurant, on your back deck or at the pool, wine is always a must. That heat though is the enemy. Having a bottle of your go-to wine right by your side is actually hurting the quality and taste. The solution? Keep it insulated or keep the bottle inside and get your ass up every time you need a refill. Trust me, it will be worth the extra twenty steps (and your fitbit will love it too) to keep your wine at the right temperature. No one wants your summer steak paired with vinegar wine.

The heat this summer is inevitable, as is the need to drink wine. To make sure your wines are not spoiled by the heat, use these helpful tips to enjoy wine all summer long. Cheers!

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