10 creative things to do with your old alcohol bottles

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If you’ve finished too many alcohol bottle to count in your time, there’s a better way to upcycle the things that served you liquid deliciousness. In a world where DIY’s and crafts are everything, finally here’s a few crafts that you can actually appreciate. Starting with #1, our favorite.

1. Daily use glasses


What better way to say you’ve been there, drank that, than with these amazing daily use glasses. There’s no reason to let perfectly good glass to go to waste, and now you can drink from these over and over again.


2. Bottle cap checkerboard


So simple you’re just shocked you didn’t come up with it yourself. Simp,y save the bottle caps from two different types of beer, find a checkerboard, and you’re done!

3.  Oil and vinegar bottles


Inconspicuous right? You’ll never know what these DIY olive oil bottles were before! These are hand painted, but you can decorate your however you like.

4. Shot glasses


Where there are daily use glasses, there are also daily use shotglasses. I mean, yet another brilliant idea.

5. Candle

Beer- scented? We’re not sure, but these incredible beer bottle candles are just as cute as your regular ones!

6. Bottle cap candle


Or make it even easier on yourself with these adorable little bottle cap candles. They’re easy to make; a total no brainer.

7. Vases

Perhaps the easiest way to upcycle your old bottles is by painting them and turning them into vases. Don’t pay money on expensive vases, and give your decor a personalized touch.

8. Bath mat

We’ve all see this upcycled cork bathroom mat. Save half as many corks as you need, since you’ll be  cutting them in half to use!

9. Cork chip clip


Yup, just think of all the opened bags of chips you could be saving…

10. Salt and Pepper Shakers

A Classic. We’ve all seen those hip, modern beer bottle sat and pepper shakers at restaraunts. Simply poke a few holes in the caps and voila! Plus they hold a ton more salt and pepper than your regular shakers.

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