5 Amazing Drinking Inventions

by / Thursday, 26 March 2020 / Published in Drinking DIY, Random Ravings
Photo by Stefan Cosma

As long as people have been inventing drinks, they’ve been inventing ways to consume them. Here are five amazing drinking inventions you can use at home:


A staple for every fraternity house, the beer bong is just a funnel with a tube to better facilitate your drinking. Because of the tube, the beer is forced down your throat by gravity, making it easier to chug. It is also up to the person pouring how much or how little you’re getting, so make sure you trust the person on the other end.


Perfect for drinking on the beach or at that family reunion you didn’t want to go to, there’s a type of flask for every occasion. There are flipflop flasks, hallowed out book flasks, tampon flasks and the good old fashioned ones you can put in your pocket. They make for less waste (just fill it from the bottle instead of using plastic cups) and a more discreet way to sip your drink uninterrupted.


We all know the story- you’re drinking a glass of wine and want to take a shower. So, you set your glass down on the side of the tub but it gets slick with water and spills all over the bathmat. Now you’re naked and cleaning up wine. Not relaxing. Thankfully now we have shower wine holders. They suction to your shower wall and hold most sizes of wine glasses. Put them up high for showers and down low for baths. Your drink stays where you put it and is easy-to-reach.


A true testament to the American spirit, beer helmets were created so you could drink two beers while watching sporting events, leaving your hands free for wings and chips. The helmet sits on your head, complete with a straw that moves the liquid straight to your mouth with ease. No more sauce prints on your beer bottles!


This is one we sometimes take for granted. Back in the day, you needed a bottle opener for every beer you drank. Unless you were great at popping of bottle caps on your tooth or with a lighter, there was no getting around it. The twist-off cap was invented in the 1960s and changed the way we opened bottles forever. Budweiser even makes a screw-on cap that you can seal between sips to eliminate spillage and keep your beer fresh!

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