Alcohol Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

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Drinking alcohol is not exactly like having tea with the Queen, but there are still some common etiquette expectations that everyone should know. The rules vary depending on whether you are at a house party, a work party, or straight up at the bar, but under no circumstances should you avoid these etiquette recommendations.



DO:  Take small sips. Typically, when you are in the presence of anyone, at the bar or not, it is best to take small sips- for your own health and the health of others. Don’t come across as that person and risk making yourself sick after a huge gulp.

DON’T: Wash it down. At a dinner or office party, you are never supposed to stain a wine glass with food. That means your food should be completely chewed and swallowed before taking a drink, and your mouth should be properly wiped.

DO: Put your utensils down before drinking. When you’re holding a drink, the only thing you should be holding is that drink. Put your spoon, fork, knife, whatever, on your plate before picking up your glass.

DON’T: Tilt your head back while drinking. And we mean never. There are other ways to get the final sip, and truthfully at a home or office party, you don’t need to suck it dry.


DO: Leave the straw. Even at the bar and friendly parties, etiquette states that everything within the glass should be consumed; cherries, olives, and other garnishes, while the umbrella should be removed and held in a napkin until it can be disposed of, but the straw can and should always remain.

DON’T: Eat the ice. Did we say eat everything? We meant everything except the ice. Ice should never be crushed between the teeth. If you’re waiting for a new drink, simply wait, theres no need to devour the ice as well.

DO: Feel free to avoid the alcohol. A club soda with lime is totally acceptable, even at parties where drinks are served.

DON’T: Order hard alcohol during dinner. This includes vodka, gin, rum, or any other juice spritzers. These types of drinks are allowed during the pre dinner party.


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