Bartender Mishaps: Simple ways to fix up your drink

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Just because your drink is a flop, doesn’t mean your bartender is. We’ve all been there; ordered a drink we expect is going to taste one way, only to approach the bartender and ask for a completely new drink. Whether its their first day on the job or their millionth, drink mishaps are bound to happen- not everyone speaks the same drink language. Rather than tossing out an entirely good drink, try these common improvements to the everyday drink mixup.



Too strong

While this may seem like an oxymoron to some, it is possible for a drink  to have too much alcohol (for some). Chances are, even when you bring your overly-boozy beverage back to the bartender, they dont toss it out anyway, but try asking for more ice instead of offending their creation. Otherwise, if it is a mixed drink, really stir it well to create a more balanced taste; or for a martini or other shaken drink, put back into the shaker with more ice.


Too sweet

Once again, not everyone likes their booze to be dessert. Several people actually prefer the taste of booze and a more savory flavor, not hidden behind sugars. If your drink is too sweet for your palate, simply ask your bartender for a few more of whatever bitters you used. On the other hand, if it isn’t sweet enough, ask for more syrup. When you approach the bartender knowing exactly what you want, its less of a surprise when you ask them to ‘fix it’.



Too sour

As consumers we expect our drink to taste one way, but as bartenders, they know this isn’t always the case. When it comes to sour cocktails, or those that use citrus fruits and other citrus flavors, the taste may vary depending on the season and the acidity of the fruit. Not to mention, a thousand other factors such as where the specific citrus fruits came from, and so on. Thus, if your cocktail is too sour, dont blame the bartender’s competence; simply add more sugar, or simple syrup that is. It’s that simple.



Too bitter

A bitter drink is a weird phenomenon. Granted, we all know that some cocktails call for ‘bitters’, but one drop too many can significantly change the taste. And sugar is not the answer. For a drink that is too bitter, in fact, a saline solution is needed. This includes mixing salt with hot water and using an eye dropper to add it too your drink. Surprised? The solution will also enhance the other flavors. You’re welcome; the more you know.  


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