Beer Before Liquor: Signs of a toxic relationship

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We’ve all heard the saying: liquor before beer, you’re in the clear; but beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker. Some pairs in life are just not meant to be. Just like this dramatic duo, beer before liquor; know when to tell the signs of a toxic relationship. And it just might save your sanity.



You’re nervous around them

Listen to your instincts. A relationship should never be hard, well not that hard. Feeling nervous, insecure, or anxious around your partner are clear signs of a toxic relationship. Toxic for your own well being. Being nervous means you are fearful of their reaction and results in you changing your feelings to mind theirs. Constantly putting your feelings aside is an empty road that leads to nowhere.

You don’t feel valued

Value comes in a variety of forms, but can most often be recognized when arguing. If your significant other does not make you feel important when you give your opinion, this is a sign of a toxic relationship. Especially if your partner sticks to their opinion and makes you feel unintelligent, wrong, or undervalued by not listening; this will not be a lasting relationship.



There’s jealousy

When a relationship is new, jealously may be more common, but it should never be tolerated. Jealousy without cause is toxic to any relationship. Often times a jealous partner will keep you from being friends with anyone of the opposite sex, even those you have known the longest. If your partner cannot trust you, then there is no foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

You’re physically abused

One time is too many for any relationship. If your partner ever hits you, even once, that is an immediate red flag. Don’t give them the chance to do it again. Whether or not they say they won’t do it again, one time is enough and odds are, it will happen again. Physical abuse is not a sign of love and compassion, and it is not a building block for a lasting relationship.



You don’t feel happy

This is the biggest tell-tale sign of a toxic relationship. If you don’t feel happy, you’re not. If you lay awake at night trying to count the reasons why you are happy, it’s not worth it. Being happy and feeling loved are the two things that should come easiest when you are in a true, romantic relationship. Every relationship has problems, but if you feel that you are constantly and genuinely unhappy, it’s time for a change.

So, if your relationship is in need of a change, call up your closest friends, grab a drink, and remember: liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.


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