Best Drinking Options for a Low-Carb Diet

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You haven’t lost sight of your New Year Resolutions. Whether its keto, paleo or just low-carb, you’ve been watching what you eat and getting your steps in. You know you can have a little but of junk food in moderation without hindering your goals, but what about alcohol?

Thankfully, there are a myriad of hacks to help you enjoy some adult beverages without ruining your diet. Here are our favorite low-carb cocktails:

1. Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer is the alcohol created for the low-carb community. With only 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar per can, this is a delicious way to wind down guilt-free at the end of a long day. Budlight makes a great hard seltzer in a variety of flavors and all are made with cane-sugar alcohol which is healthier than the alternatives. Great to drink chilled by the pool showing off your summer bod.

2. Tequila

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Tequila is a low-carb liquor that even the Rock enjoys drinking. As long as you don’t mix it with any sugary juice, it can be consumed in moderation without derailing your diet. Here’s a lovely little keto cocktail you can order anywhere or make at home.

6oz sugar free soda or fruity seltzer
2 oz white tequila
1 teaspoon fresh lime juice
ice cubes
salted rim

3. Wine

Wine is a great choice if you’re actively trying to reduce the amount of carbs and sugar in your diet. What type you should choose depends on your goals.

If you’re concerned about insulin or blood sugar spikes, stick with dry reds like merlot. It is unlikely to significantly affect blood sugar levels and usually has less than 2g total carbs per glass. If you’re already pretty fit or maintaining, even a sweet glass of Riesling clocks in at about 4g carbs.

So have a glass and check yourself out in the mirror, hottie.

4. Vodka-Soda

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Vodka-soda is the unsung hero of having fun while keeping your habits in check. Vodka is a zero-carb ally with only about 70 calories per 2.5oz shot. Combined with 0-calorie soda water and a few limes, this is the perfect mixture to give you a little fun without the worry later. Add a little Stevia to sweeten it and some mint leaves for a classic Mo-keto!

5. Low-Carb Beer

You already gave up cookies but you don’t have to give up a cold beer on a hot day. In the wave of low-carb and keto options come a host of beers that boast great hops taste with less carbs. One of the best options is Budweiser Select 55. It has 99 calories and only 3g of carbs per bottle. Crack open a cold one while you examine your abs coming in.


Alcohol in moderation can be a great compliment to your low-carb or keto diet. So stop worrying and enjoy your body in whatever shape its in.

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