DIY: Adult Easter Egg Hunt

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For those of you that think Easter egg hunts are only for kids, then you’ve never tried an adult Easter egg hunt; aka Egg-stravaganza, Easter egg Dash, Easter egg experience! If they are hosting one of these adult Easter egg hunts in your area, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, here’s exactly how to host one yourself.




If there’s anyone who loves bending the rules a little, even more than a child- it’s an adult. So, before you start playing make sure everyone knows these rules. This includes: no outside eggs, no outside food or drink, no fighting over eggs, and claim prizes at the end. In addition to rules, you will also want attendants or ‘referees’ judging the game. These attendants help keep the game fair. Encourage your guests to wear the proper clothing, because it’s about to get busy!


Hiding spots

The best part about adult Easter egg hunts is that you can hide eggs virtually anywhere. When a child doesn’t find an egg, it might be a little sad, but for an adult it’s just plain funny. If you’re the host, get creative and give your players a little challenge. Here are a few sneaky ideas for hiding eggs inside or outside. For hiding eggs inside try: egg carton in the fridge, the couch, in a cookie jar, inside slippers or cups, in the bathtub, or our favorite; in the underwear drawer. If you’re hiding eggs outside, you can still get creative. Try hiding eggs inside: hanging plants, a sandbox, in small trees, inside the BBQ or grill, and of course in your dog’s collar, if you can manage.




Now for the most important part- the eggs. So if you’re not looking for tiny plastic toys and little candies, what are adult Easter eggs made of? Everything. The list goes on and on.


  • gift cards
  • lottery tickets/ scratchers
  • CASH

Sexy items

  • spixy dixe
  • flavored condoms
  • Viagra sample
  • thong
  • granny panties

Odds and ends

  • lip balm (try peeps lip balm)
  • silly socks
  • guitar picks
  • pictures of friends
  • batteries
  • condiment packets

And of course, don’t forget the alcohol! Use beer tabs, bottle caps, corks, etc inside eggs to indicate that the player gets to pickup their prize at the end; either a bottle, can, or even pack of beer, wine, etc.


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