Drink Like A Local: Chicago

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Sometimes the best known bars are not necessarily the most visited by locals. In Chicago, there are plenty of underrated bars that are near and dear to the hearts of residents. These little neighborhood joints will have you drinking like a Chicago local on your next trip to the Windy City.

Small Bar

Small Bar has quite the history in Chicago. Their Division Street location in Chicago was an early adapter to the craft beer trend. That location, although beloved, recently closed and the bar was moved to the Lincoln Park area where it resides currently. This location is as tiny as the name would lead you to believe, with about twenty tables as well as bar seating. It’s a local favorite for being a low key place to escape within Lincoln Park, where night life can get pretty busy. The drink prices are reasonable, keeping locals coming back again and again.

The Whistler

Well this selection is far from underrated, but nevertheless a local favorite. The Whistler is known as a lot of things, including a bar, gallery space, record label, and music venue that hosts event every night of the week. That constant lineup of events keeps local coming back. Whether it is a Tuesday night or a Saturday night, you’ll be able to find something fun to attend at the Whistler. The cocktails at this place make it worth it alone to visit the Whistler.


Bob Inn

Many of us in Chicago can appreciate a good dive bar now and then. The Bob Inn is basically the perfect dive bar. Does it have a website? I couldn’t find one. But what it does have is really cheap drinks and a general sense of community. You can feel comfortable walking into this old school bar and pulling up to the bar, which offers super cheap canned classics as well as a few things on draft. Bob Inn is family owned and operated since 1945, not much has changed since then. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Logan Arcade

This Logan Square bar has a really playful concept, literally! Logan Arcade features over 40 video games, 25 pinball games paired with 20 beers on tap and a full bar. This place is where grown ups come to play in Chicago. The game machines even offer a platform to leave your drink on while playing, so you can use both hands and fully get into game.

Guthries Tavern 

Similar to the Logan Arcade, this bar also has a playful concept. They keep a large shelf stocked with popular board games for patrons to play with while enjoying their drinks. Everything on the drink menu is inexpensive and reasonably priced. The same goes for the food menu. They only offer a few appetizers made in house including popular bar favorites mozzarella sticks, pizza, chili and buffalo wings. The bar allows its customers to order in from other restaurants. You’ll find a tin can filled with menus to peruse.

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